The Stylist's Guide to Delhi | Korra & 11.11

The Stylist's Guide to Delhi, featuring Korra and a Q&A with Mia Morikawa from 11.11


A visit to the HQ of Korra & 11.11 leads you to an unassuming front gate on a nondescript road, to the magic over 4 levels that house 11:11 and Korra helmed by Shyam Sukhramani, Himansu Shani Mia Morikawa & Rajesh Jaju. 11.11 is devoted to ‘seed to stitch’ philosophy with a 100% handmade range largely using silk & khaki with lots of experiments with shibori, embroidery, marbling & whatever else tackles their fancy. On the first floor you can have your jeans custom-made with Korra. It starts with choosing your denim from the roll and then a style & shape. After a measure up one tailor will make your bespoke jeans from start to the finished product with his/her signature embroidered on the inside as the maker’s mark. This process is all about empowerment of craft tailoring & low wastage - even the paper label that wraps the finished product for mailing is made from denim scraps.

Their flagship retail store in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi is called Grey Gardens (next to the Smokehouse Deli, HKV is notorious hard to find your way around) and you can stay in their airbnb apartments. Once there, a personalised guide to their favourite haunts and an itinerary to follow the journey of your piece of clothing from seed to stitch.

If, like us, you get completely wrapped up in their incredibly ethical & magic world you can purchase your jeans & have them delivered in a handcrafted denim suitcase that holds the journey of your jeans from the seed, to the raw material, the thread, indigo leaves, indigo thread & a patch & repair kit as your pair wear. These clothes are made to get better with age, and as the wear they reveal their beauty in stitches & remarkable tailoring. Instagram - @korrajeans, @1111clothing

Q&A with Mia Morikawa from 11.11

Describe your studio
Surrounded by parks with a lake-facing view, our studio space is located near what can be called a green lung in the south of New Delhi - notoriously known for the worst air quality in the world. This workspace feels like a little piece of paradise amongst wild currents of commerce & heaving humanity. The green theme runs throughout with a vertical garden & grass floor on the terrace in addition to suspended terrariums & potted plants placed in the shop to support our from-seed-to-stitch approach to making garments.

Favourite colour
Indigo: deep shades to elegant fades

Go-to textile
Organic kala cotton khadi denim & khadi chambray

Stand out 5 shops in the world
A Vida Portugesa in Lisbon is an exquisite expression of old world nostalgia, where one can pick up a range of items from deliciously packaged Arisnal soaps to hand painted porcelain. The careful curation is a celebration of the soulful quality embedded in the country's culture & products traditionally produced. The custom made lambs leather glove shop in Lisbon - Chiado Bless - Berlin Okura- Daikanyama The honey shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Person (dead or alive) that has inspired you
Eve Ensner specifically for her involvement in the birth of CITY OF JOY in Congo.

Drink flavour
Filtered water vitalized with lemon juice + Himalayan sea salt

Favourite hotel
Abode in Bombay

Last book you acquired
Susan Sontag on photography

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  • SYDNEY SHOP & STUDIO 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters NSW 2044
  • 0429 589 982
  • SYDNEY SHOP & STUDIO 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters NSW 2044
  • 0429 589 982