The Stylist Alphabet: G is for...

G is for...


Gaming paraphernalia

Over the years, I have picked up random gaming pieces (not whole sets), which come in handy when styling: a bamboo & bone mahjong set with dovetails, French mother of pearl round chips, plastic 1950s chess pieces , etc. I like how they feel in my hand and the different materials they are made from. I like all the strategies and deep thought they may have engendered while being gently turned during a tense game. There’s a very famous still-life by Irving Penn called After Dinner Games that may have sparked my desire to have gaming pieces, or perhaps it is the gambling vein that runs through the family (I am referring to an old-fashioned, slightly romantic version, not that very sad & sorry variety). Up on one of my top shelves is my great-grandmother’s gambling box made of walnut. Inside is a treasure trove of cards, matchsticks (the ultimate betting device), counters and cigarette holders. A portrait in a box.



What’s not to love about glamorous camping? Most definitely involves staff, G&Ts at 5 o’clock  sharp, mosquito-netted camp beds, riding jodphurs, folding writing tables & a safari hat; sits somewhere between safari style and English Raj campaign furniture. Bring out some folding chairs, a metal table and leather backgammon set. Note to self: this can be done at home, you don’t have to be out in the elements.


Glass vessels

There are so many reasons to amass glass vessels (two of them being the ease and affordability of acquisition), but it’s the multitude of shapes that really makes them worth collecting. Look for beakers, bottles, jars, test tubes, jars, goblets, vases, domes, and bowls. Fill and layer them on shelves so everyone can see your collections. The refracting light is a glorious bonus.



A prop to transform one’s appearance & to be unrecognisable; to go incognito; mask, cape, moustache, silver-streak hair & the like.


Gypset style

A hybrid of jetsetting (although I prefer globetrotting) & gypsy. I love this look and embrace it regularly. It is forgiving, loose casual. It’s about collecting fabrics & remnants, carpets & scarves & draping them on your walls, lamps, beds, floor & yourself. It’s reflection of a life well travelled & much enjoyed.

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  • SYDNEY SHOP & STUDIO 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters NSW 2044
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