Styling Your Bar Cart At Home

The novelty of a well stocked bar cart brimming with fresh blooms & tinctures & tipples really enhances any dinner party or social gathering at home. We try our hand at mixology & get experimenting with some of our favourite flavours & Australian botanicals.

A loose arrangement which looks like it has come straight from the garden is our style of choice. A vessel for holding your arrangements will add intrigue & fun to your bar cart. Vases such as jugs, glassware salvaged from flea markets or rolled metal buckets add undone elegance to your setting & can provide great cocktail making inspiration.

I carry secateurs with me wherever I go. You never know when you might see the perfect branch, blooming banksia or wild rosemary to adorn your cocktail station before a weekend of entertaining. Let your botanicals inspire your cocktail creations. Use them as garnishes for your creations! We stocked our Natural Cane cart with hotel silver, vintage glassware, cocktail apparatus & cane wrapped hand forged bottle openers. Build your toolkit by mixing old & new. Our seaport bottle opener is a good place to start!

Seasonal, native & fresh are words which describe Cape Byron Distillery. The Brookies Byron Dry gin is distilled using botanicals foraged from the rainforest. Top notes of rich, sweet, wild raspberries & other celebrated foraged flavours from the rainforest in Byron are a good fit for our cocktail experimentations. We have chosen a gin which is working to regenerate the rainforest for our cocktail hour. We've put a twist on the classic Gimlet cocktail to get the evening started.

Named after the hand tool used to bore into barrels of spirits on navy ships - the gimlet is a go to for lovers of history & the sea. Here is my take on the classic lime & gin blend.

Native Raspberry & Mint Gimlet 

4 Limes
3-4 Mint leaves
5 fresh raspberries (preferable foraged)
1/2 Tbsp of honey
60ml Brookies Byron Dry gin
Splash of Soda Water

1/ Cut 1/2 a lime into slices & set aside to garnish
2/ Quarter the remaining limes & place into a shaker
3/ Muddle the limes & fresh mint together in a shaker & shake well.
4/ Add gin & honey to the shaker, shake well, do a dance & pour over ice.
5/ Crush raspberries, add to glass & finish with a splash of soda water, squeeze of lime & garnish. Tip: For extra zing add a lemon into the mix!


FILED 12, Apr 2017

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  • SYDNEY SHOP & STUDIO 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters NSW 2044
  • 0429 589 982