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I first became consumed by The Descendants' storytelling & imagination from afar on Instagram. They have a eye for building the nuances of a fantastical faraway journey into a single frame. When it became time to consider the content for our second edition of The Society Inc newspaper, I thought Renata Ferko & Maya Vidulich would be the perfect pair to collaborate with. Hold onto your hats, grab your telescope & read on to play make believe with us. Shop edition 2 of the newspaper here.

Renata Ferko & Maya Vidulich Q & A with Sibella

Describe the team...
We are Renata Ferko and Maya Vidulich, we actually met through Instagram a few years ago and started working together just a few weeks after meeting. We have a mutual love for concepts/ photography/styling and fashion and started The Descendants to explore ideas and creativity. We work together on both campaigns and private portrait sessions.

Best location?
Maya - Oh! Hard to answer this one! There have been many gorgeous spaces we have worked in but I think the best is yet to come! I think I’m looking for a rambling house with incredible texture, natural light streaming in, many rooms to play with and a crazy garden. I am always drawn to things that look like they are about to collapse or have been vacant for years.
Renata – I have to totally agree. An abandoned mansion, in a precarious European village, a shadow of their former splendor with crumbling walls, overgrown roots and faded frescos. Some gorgeous children with the most amazing out ts in this setting would be a dream. Not too much to ask for! I have already shot this scene in my head a thousand times over!

Favourite subject?
Maya - I have always loved photographing children, even well before having my own. Once I had my kids they soon became my subjects to practice on, poor things! There is something so easy and honest about working with children that I truly enjoy.
Renata – My three daughters. Creating portraits of them makes my heart beat beyond words.

Preferred climate?
Maya - I love the sun, especially when on holiday. In Sydney though I do enjoy the change of seasons and if it was hot like summer all year round I don’t think I’d cope.
Renata – Anywhere it’s warm enough for an afternoon seaside swim followed by fresh seafood and a gin and tonic. If I could follow summer around the globe I would.

Best destination?
Maya - I went to India a few years ago with a dear friend and I practically died and went to colour and texture heaven. It was amazing and I would love to go back at some stage. There are many destinations I am yet to see.
Renata – The Adriatic coastline of Croatia. The incredible landscapes where the mountains meet the sea and the architectural history in towns such as Dubrovnik blow me away every time I visit. Hands down my favourite place on the planet.

Greatest tool?
Renata – My Intuition I have to say. Following that has always led to the right decisions across all aspects in my life.
Maya - Imagination and I have to agree with Renata’s answer. Intuition always has to be trusted!

Go-to reference/inspiration?
Maya - Gosh, everything can be a source of inspiration. I do get a lot of inspiration from watching movies, icking through magazines or even just walking. Around where I live there are many old buildings and I am very drawn to the worn colours and textures.
Renata – My inspiration process is mostly intuitive and I always nd so much inspiration in anything visual. Fashion, cinema, photography, antique markets etc. Designers such as Dries Van Noten and Alessandro Michele have my heart with all the wonderful poetic layers that they use in their collections. Fashion de nitely is a huge love for me and that lters through all the facets in my work.

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FILED 06, Dec 2016

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  • SYDNEY SHOP & STUDIO 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters NSW 2044
  • 0429 589 982