Meet the Maker | Charly Wrencher

Bold colour & an intense connection with nature are the draw cards of painter, Charly Wrencher who has been a friend of mine for many years. His passion & approach to colour led me to him when I was creating my 10-colour palettes in my book Gypsy. 

He is a raw & patient painter and mixes all of his own shades from the three primary colours – he is a true creator. He greets his days with a morning surf and as a visual artist tries to deliver his message in beautiful images rather than words.

Can you describe in detail your workspace and your location?
My studio at Coorabell is set in tropical gardens with views to the nightcap ranges. I am surrounded by birds and wildlife and when I am working I always have music because playing sometimes the act of painting gets quite physical.

What inspires you?
My life and experiences are my inspiration...that includes my home at Coorabell and family, Chaej Khan Rosse Duke and my wife Jane. 

Walk me through your artistic process. How do you approach colour?
My creative process is an extension of this which involves a lot of driving around together dropping kids off (no public transport) which contributes to my visual experience. I can’t see myself ever not being creative. I feel being an artist is something that is an instinctual part of my existence, something I haven’t chosen but rather it has chosen me. My approach to painting is very raw. I mix all my colours myself from the basic primary colours red, blue and yellow, which enables my work to be less manufactured. My approach to painting is very expressive and intuitive; it reflects my emotions and I deal with everyday challenges that life gives me through painting the environment around me. My works are very layered and I don’t necessarily paint between the lines. I paint with oil paint which forces me to be patient with each layer drying slowly this enables me to work on more than one piece at a time. 

You surf every single day. How does this lifestyle in Byron Bay affect you?
I am definitely active and need to move. Surfing every morning has been my outlet which creates a center for me to work from and also is an intense way for me to connect with nature. This body of work clearly reflects this and follows my day from the Byron pot holes (worst roads in Australia) to the coast which is roughly a 15 minute drive from the top of the hills in the back of Byron pushing through the neighbours’ cows on the road heading down to the sea. However recently with the sudden plague of white pointers in the area my surfing has been quite dramatically paused.

What is your star sign? 
Sagittarius, born in London.

Best words of advice you’ve been given?
As a visual artist I try and say it in images rather than words...

FILED 10, Sep 2015

  • SYDNEY SHOP & STUDIO 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters NSW 2044
  • 0429 589 982
  • SYDNEY SHOP & STUDIO 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters NSW 2044
  • 0429 589 982