5 Styling Tips For Beyond-Transitional Hallways

Hallways are transitional spaces, yes, but that doesn't mean they can't tell their own story. Here are my tips for making your hallways a space in its own right.

The front door is definitely the place for first impressions, but let's be honest, we're often dealing with bricks, mortar and architectural detailing that a home came with. For some homes, there is only so much a coat of paint can do. This is why the hallway can be considered the second, more personal, impression opportunity. One step over the threshold and your guests will be transported into your interior, so this is your chance to make an impression of your own.

This hallway was inspired by interference. When I was shooting my book Gypsy, I was inspired by the process of going back to your own things and interfering with them. Here, I took a few things down and added other pieces from around & about in the colour palette of my choosing (Turkey) to totally change the feel. Always look at things in a new light. Don't be afraid to experiment with what you have in different variations to find your look of the moment. A hallway is the perfect place to experiment with this malleable artwork.

I love this hallway for its carefree feel. The orchids hung at different heights make the hard architectural presence of the doorway a softer proposition. I love the exposed roots of these orchids, not only because they remind me of my grandmother's dedication to her own varieties or orchids, but because they live outside of their boundary and are slightly unconventional – both qualities I admire. The common thread of the turquoise theme is diluted just so to avoid over-saturation and the faded glory of the brickwork is the perfect finishing touch. A dip-dyed curtain in watery tones, changing like the ocean as the tide goes out, and a hexagonal-patterned runner reminiscent of a tortoise's shell complete this interior.

Accentuate your space
To be honest, old timber chairs lined up like soldiers could make most spaces better, but I love what they bring to this space. Their linear presence is the perfect thing to amplify the length of a corridor. Perhaps your space may be challenged in a width sense, so find your own version of a long piece to play with dimensions – my uncle had an antique two-man timber saw mounted on his hallway wall, which he referred to as his great-grandmother's tiara.

Go big
We can't all have hallways as grand as this, but we can borrow elements and reimagine them for our own spaces. Again, I love a chair in a transitional space as it gives purpose to this part of a home, which is usually just a segue. The drape of the fabric and the grand lamp also do this space favours. But if you want my real advice gleaned from this hallway, I will say this: not all of your travel souvenirs need to be pocket-sized. If you really fall in love with something – as I did with these Indian columns – don't be scared to ship them home.

Or go small
Sometimes, the simplest of things make the biggest statement. To me, this hallway, inspired by a trip to Scotland, speaks of a day of puddle-jumping adventure with a roaring fire waiting for you when you get home. However you decide to style your hallway, make sure it feels like home, so you're always greeted by warmth at the door.

FILED 09, Mar 2017

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  • SYDNEY SHOP & STUDIO 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters NSW 2044
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