TSI x Kimberley Amos

Last year I reached out to some of my favourite creatives who share a likemindedness to The Society Inc, to borrow their eyes and explore their interpretation of my product range. These fellow aesthetes come from a range of backgrounds & pursuits, from photographers to interior stylists to product designers, and I invited them to put their own spin & story into the imagery.

I can't remember the exact first meeting with Kim, but knew that what she was creating at The Atlantic was magnetic and it was inevitable that we would connect. Our early days of friendship were invitations to her Making nights at a studio in the Byron Bay industrial estate with a trusty group of friends. Each catch up would centre around a different project she had imagined up, I would spend the night chatting and having a nice time, so much so that I would leave the class empty handed but full to the brim.


Since these early days we have spent countless days by the river, on the river, in the studio & beyond. She builds & curates magical spaces from the many faceted THE ATLANTIC Byron Bay boutique accomodation and the various indoor & outdoor spaces of her family home & workshop base that make up the grounds of the otherworldly Riverhawk Ranch. 

Profession & where do you live?
So I’ve just been introduced to this fabulous new term that sits pretty comfortably with me, a 'Multi Hyphenate’ which is basically a nice way of saying that I’m a creative schizophrenic. I’ve zig zagged my way through life jumping from one creative passion to next managing to cover design, styling, curating, making and co creating The Atlantic Byron Bay. Yet my proudest achievement so far has been raising my three sons. My business and life partner Stephen and our 3 boys and Bernese mountain dog Chief live at River Hawk, a beautiful rambling ranch on Brunswick River, where I run artist workshops and creative residencies. 

Favourite space, room or place
An old machinery shed we have converted into a family art studio.

Favourite season
Autumn. The ocean is still warm and preparations for winter begin with collecting firewood and kindling.
Changing to doona’s and restocking candles. I find it to be a really inspiring time to start a creative project.

Last book you read, or podcast, or audio book
Book - Where The Crawdads Sing. Podcast - Design Matters with Ira Glass

Most treasured object or heirloom
My electric Polaris. It’s my adventure buggy that I take out into the forest to collect botanical offcuts, clay and any rare collectables that might inspire me like the odd scull from a bird or small animal. 

Favourite scent in your house 
Flor De Naranjo by Coqui Coqui

Music you listen to at home
Joni Mitchell or classical if I’m working

What do you want for your birthday
An electric chainsaw!! Which I actually received for Mothers Day. Thrilled to bits. I have been gathering beautiful timbers from fallen trees on the property that I plan to sculpt. 

Favourite movie
Never Look Away. A coming-of-age romantic drama inspired by the artist Gerhard Richter. 3 hours of pure brilliance.

Follow Riverhawk Ranch or book at stay at The Atlantic Byron Bay

FEATURED PRODUCT | Foundry Cage Light, Colo Knife Rack, Campfire Toasting Fork

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