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529 & 537 N La Cienega Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90046  |  @rthshop

This is one of the best shops (there are 2) in LA. Beware: you will walk out of here changing your whole look! I never thought a suede-edged vintage blanket could look so good as a shawl. Ben (my trusty partner) had a great time with the sales assistant who insisted on dressing him up in all the good ways & left with a big bag of goodies as did I. This is more than a clothing shop, it is a lifestyle & styled in the coolest of ways with ceramics, bedding, a piano & even the mannequins with their paper sunglasses & feather head dresses you want to befriend. I bought painters pants, cosy sweaters, white shirts, a leather belt & a leather ring. It’s all about layering at RTH that starts with a strong base range of cottons & linens in shirts & pants etc then vests of corduroy & denim, throw in mix of vintage coveralls, shawls, hats, amulets & leather details & you are ready to adventure the streets of LA & beyond.  


6320 Yucca Street Los Angeles, CA 90028  |  @lostandfoundshop_la

A destination shopping experience of 5 (or was it 6?) shops in a row selling you everything beautiful that you need for yourself, your children, your man & your home. Each piece within the stores feels curated by a strong edited eye (I’m guessing this is owner & visionary, Jamie Rosenthal). Think handmade, global, thoughtful materials & the consideration of mixing & matching with what you already own. I was coveting handmade leather shoes, everything in the home store, a leather woven bag - the main store is manned and then you request which ones you would like to browse - I had to look in all of them & they are happy to oblige and unlock them as required. Whilst I was looking plenty of loyal customers popped in & everything felt unhurried & memorable. I bought a pile of beautiful embroidered, smocked & patterned clothes for Silver, jeans & sweater for myself and an African cotton dyed blanket for home.  


8564 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood CA 90069

Just the thought & expense behind this fit out is impressive, showcasing RH furniture in a fully realised residential build. It is as though walking through a big impressive house or 5th Ave apartment with bathrooms, bedrooms and the most outstanding roof terrace. This is architecture blurring with the retail experience. Just think when you visit, this is all built to sell some sofas & outdoor furniture. I was green with envy at the terrace and wanted to invite my friends over - BYO - for the afternoon of lounging around playing ping pong & pool & drinking Rosé under the ancient olive trees and lighting the fire pits as the sun sets.  


8533 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069  |  @ragandbone

Even if you don't feel like clothes shopping, pop into this Rag&Bone for the shop fit out alone. I could definitely move my home or office in here & feel just right. Sandblasted herringbone joists line the ceiling with beautiful metal work on the doors, stairs and signage. I couldn't resist & left with a pair of espadrilles.

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