The Story of The London & Pimlico

Every one of my designs, whether it’s a piece of hardware or an interior space, has a story behind it that shaped its form and imbued it with character. Here’s the origin story of two of my favourite hardware designs, the London and the Pimlico.



It started with the London drawer pull, one of our bestselling designs, which is named after the city where I first had the idea, wandering down the Pimlico Road. And so when I needed to create its petite sister, it was only natural that it would be called the Pimlico. 

I’ve spent countless hours on that street, ducking in and out of the many antique stores, looking for characterful vintage pieces that will help transform a flat contemporary space into something unexpected and wonderful. It’s one of those places where serendipity often seems to occur.

 had the idea of creating a wrapped pull that sat flush against the surface, making it seamless and unobtrusive, but still beautiful and decorative. 

When I next visited my manufacturer in India to flesh out the idea, I found a brass candlestick amongst the thousands of pieces in his Aladdin’s cave of a workshop. 

However, I wanted the “candlestick pull” to have beautiful end caps. The head of my Merchant’s Nail was the perfect shape, but it needed to be in brass to fit my vision.

And then we just needed the wrapping. I looked here to mid-century designer Carl Auböck for inspiration. His use of cane with brass is second to none in terms of understated refinement in his everyday utensils & homewares.

It all came together in a design that is both warm and refined, elegant and humble, and does just what those vintage finds from Pimlico Road always do–seamlessly blending old and new. 




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