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The Alphabet Of Materials: A is for…

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The Alphabet Of Materials: A is for…

I’m a visual person. But let’s also add texturally interested, historically inquisitive and originality seeking (among others) to my personality descriptors. All these qualities, combined with my work, whether it’s creating a new space or refining the design of a product, sees many materials cross my path, or mine theirs. And in the spectrum of my work, bookended by the two briefs I mentioned above, the right material can be the difference between success and failure or can spark a new idea that takes the finished product into an entirely new realm. This is why I wanted to explore the world of materials via an alphabet, from the honest & humble to the more inaccessible and imagination-sparking. I hope you’ll find, as I do, that inspiration can be right at your fingertips, in a very literal sense.

A is for…


Faceted faces and violet sparkle, we’re starting with a material that brings a little glimmer. A glance at this material immediately transports me back to my Scottish sojourn with a stop off at Jupiter Artland, taking in Anya Gallacio’s amethyst sunken grotto – wall to wall purple quartz! But delving back into the history of this stone uncovers even more intrigue than you would imagine from a material with mystical connotations. As far back as ancient Greek times, you’ll find this stone was named for the belief that it kept its owners from becoming intoxicated – perhaps we can put his down to placebo effect? Being found in Brazil, Sri Lanka and Siberia, this stone harks from intriguing locations, though it can be found used all over – prized for its unique colouring. Seeing those amethyst-encrusted walls in Scotland turned my initial preconceptions on their head, and I look forward to reimagining my own fresh take on this material.

Tune in next week for more of my material alphabet…

Filed 22nd Aug, 2016
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