The Alphabet of Arcane Trades: F is for…

F is for…

The Society Inc | The Alphabet of Arcane Trades: F is for…

Everything from the colour palette to the practice of this trade enchants me. Imagine if your bread & butter was reliant on forging a partnership with a majestic bird. And then there’s the all-important accessories, such as the falcon’s leather hood and the claw-proof suede gantlet. I think a billowy white shirt would be the must-have wardrobe item for a budding falconer. My journey to Scotland allowed a much-anticipated falconry lesson, which showcased a study in beautiful brown tones. Feeling the power of the bird I was paired with, filled me with awe for this practice, which is not as arcane as some of the previous trades, and only exaggerated the romantic notions I associate with it. It’s hard not to be swept up in the thrill of the hunt.

The Alphabet of Arcane Trades:
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5 most underrated pieces of stationery

There’s something about honest & humble items that captivate me. A mainstay of everyday life, stationery is one of those things that can be enjoyed simply for its utilitarian purpose, but I prefer to look a little deeper. I’ve listed the five pieces that are never far from my toolbag & tacklebox, not only because they’re handy to have on hand as a stylist, but also because they bring a little more to the table in the aesthetic department. Use them for their basic function, but don’t disregard what they can bring to your spaces visually.


I think these things are a tribute to vintage classrooms, a time of Cuisenaire rods, and maps that pull down from behind the teacher’s desk. Perhaps it’s the typography of the numbers that attracts or maybe the different shapes they come in. So let’s open it up to all the tools that measure: fabric tape measures, wooden squares with etched numbers, enamel liquid measures, cone-shaped footed etched glass, old shop 1-metre sticks with a hole in the top for hanging, metal measuring sticks attached to the long tables at the draper’s or even just a good old-fashioned wooden ruler. Always good to have when working out your space’s measurements, but also one of those pieces that can enrich a display when not hidden away.


From Vietnam, my great-grandmother’s pinking shears, tiny, tiny cord-covered Japanese ones, Chinese kitchen scissors – you name them, I seem to have acquired them. There is no reason why utilitarian tools should not be beautiful; these are for use and display.

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Deconstructing a Still Life

The Society Inc | Sibella Court: Deconstructing a Still Life

This still-life showcases a love for linen and how texture can add depth to any vignette. Mixing material textures through a setting is a great way to add interest to a more neutral palette. These pieces were collected during a journey to a fortified church perched in the medieval village of Viscri in Transylvania.

Our hand loomed, 100% wool Moroccan blankets, Merino Herringbone Throw, Swarm Cushions and Monkeys Fist Drawer pulls are some of our suggestions to weave in some texture and  bring this setting to life in your space!

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The Society Inc | Sibella Court: Deconstructing A Still Life

My Italian Colour Palette

tales of a sea gypsy - sibella court

Tales Of A Sea Gypsy
I am enchanted with all things sea: mermaids & mermen, underwater worlds & treasures, myths & legends, serpents & seafaring spirits. The romance & shimmering beauty of the Mediterranean on the Amalfi Coast in all its magic depths & moods: moon tides, tempests & starry nights.


These beautiful tones sparkled before me in my travels through Italy, and just wait until next week to see the brilliant effect they can have on interiors, as I celebrate the inspiration I found along the coast of this beautiful country via interior styling.


Love Travel Concierge Services By Fiona Caulfield

The Society Inc |Love Travel Concierge Services By Fiona Caulfield

On my recent trip to India, I called upon the knowledgable author of the Indian Love Travel guide series, Fiona Caulfield. In addition to her must-have, go-to guides she is offering the ultimate concierge service to your Indian travels.
Her concierge service ranges from a bespoke ‘end-to-end’ service beginning with your itinerary, all ground services & bookings and introductions to India’s most interesting, eccentric & extraordinary people & places.
If you have the know-how and just require additional information ranging from dinner & hotel recommendations, sourcing, production contacts, itinerary planning & any other advice you can dream up, this too can be done.
I chose the full service and our trip felt as though we had our fairy godmother watching out for us as we dined at the Taj Lake Palace, shared a tipple with the Maharaja amongst his vintage car collection, was fitted for bespoke jeans, had a private tour of an C.13th palace by an ancient key keeper, conversed with hotel owners and viewed ateliers & private collections. It was a trip of a life time!
Please email fiona@lovetravelguides.com for all enquiries.

The Society Inc | Love Travel Concierge Services By Fiona Caulfield
The ancient keeper of the keys showed us around Juna Mahal Fort, which has the finest mirror work on every surface.


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The Alphabet Of Arcane Trades: E is for…

E is for…

The Society Inc | The Alphabet Of Arcane Trades: E is for…

I have mentioned my particular inclination towards paper and packages, so when I came across the profession of an expressman I felt a certain closeness to it. Perhaps I’m adding a little too much romance to this early postman or courier, but the image I’m conjuring has a certain ruggedness attached. The duty of an expressman was to see the safe passage of a train’s gold or currency, so they’d accompany the cargo in a specially allocated car. Add into the mix that the expressman would often have to memorise the safe’s combination and sometimes armed himself and I’m sure you start to understand the mysterious allure of this character. Of course today, perhaps some of that mystery has diminished from the postman’s job description, but I feel like there is still a glimmer of intrigue that goes hand in hand with sorting & delivering the mail.

The Alphabet of Arcane Trades:
A is for…      B is for…
C is for…      D is for…