The Society inc. closed Monday

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We’re doing a reshuffle at The Society inc. and will be shutting our barn doors on Monday 18th May.

Come and check out our fabulous new fit out inspired by the fishing net sheds of Hastings when we reopen.

For after hours on Wednesday come along to the Pirate and the Matador.


The Pirate & The Matador


The Pirate and The Matador

The Pirate and The Matador ruled the oceans worlds apart
The Caribbean and The Spanish Maine salt in their veins and heart
Ruled with musket and cutlas, upon the open seas
Feared all over the salty world, treasures waiting for you, for me
Now they’re down in the Southern Ocean, searching far and wide
Seeking out a dominance, nowhere to run or hide
So step aboard me hearties, adventures wait on hand
But once you tread the creaking decks, no more you’ll walk on land

Join shipwright, Elise Cameron-Smith for a very special exhibition of her fleet of mini ships at The Society Inc. The opening launch is on Wednesday, the 20th of May at 6-8pm. All are welcome to come along, be consumed in her world of small seafaring quests and join our little flotilla.

The Pirate and The Matador –

Sailboat Workshop

If you have dreams of tinkering on a wooden boat but just can’t fathom it, start small and finish a miniature boat in an afternoon’s work. Become a matador, a pirate, a buccaneer and ride the wind and tides of your own creation.

The Society Inc. is hosting a very special workshop with master shipwright, Elise Cameron-Smith, in handcrafting your own miniature sailing boat. You will be provided with all you need to build the frame of your sailboat, but come with a name in mind for her. Bring your own collection of small curiosities and treasures, from feathers to sea glass or shells, to adorn your boat while she is becalmed. Be bold, fly the skysails and join the fleet. And don’t forget to bring your own scissors.

All Ages Welcome
Tickets $65

Saturday 23rd May 12, 2015

The Society inc. Warehouse
3.02 – 75 Mary Street
St Peters NSW 2044


Sale at The Society inc. Warehouse – This Saturday!

The Society inc. is holding a one-day-only flash sale this Saturday, April 18th from 10am-4pm. We need to make room for more cool stuff & are reducing a selected range of furniture & stock items by 20%. Items include our amazing copper nailed, bent wood 18ft Clinker boat, folding cinema chairs, mason jars, cotton shibori dyed mosquito nets & terracotta choocks amongst other bits n’ bobs. Be early to avoid disappointment or email us at hello@thesocietyinc.com.au if you cannot make it in store.

The Society inc. by Sibella Court - Weekend Sale - IMG_9005 The Society inc. by Sibella Court - Weekend Sale - IMG_8999 The Society inc. by Sibella Court - Weekend Sale - IMG_9002 The Society inc. by Sibella Court - Weekend Sale - IMG_8992684027f264d5c6c7825d72e7d5620cc9The Society inc. by Sibella Court - SOCIETY_SHOP_0026

Vogue Living Feature March/April 2015

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Photographer Steven Baccon | H + M Artist Chloe Langford | Location Society Inc

While lighthouse keeping | Frame denim overalls with Maje knit from Mamapapa andHunter boots | Silver wears Gap knitted onesie with fur booties and bonnet fromMamapapa.
Outside the lighthouse | Carla Zampatti skirt, Miu Miu shirt and Mamapapa beanie | Silver wears Mamapapa knitted playsuit.
Inside the lighthouse | Skirt from Dolly Up Vintage Emporium and I Love Mr.Mittenscardigan with Sibella’s own hat.

Sibella Court and her precious Silver
I’ve been sitting here trying to paper-trail my friendship with Sibella and it looks something like a well worn nautical chart passed from sailor to sailor. There is no beginning and no end just a voyage of treasures and trinkets, adventure and discovery. Brought together by similar obsessions it is she who wears the captains hat when it comes to her insanely natural instinct to weave incredible beauty from whatever she touches and wherever she goes.

Sibella on naming Silver……
“My mother sent me a book called a Lighthouse Keeping by Jeanette Winterson over 10 years ago whilst I was living in New York. She said if I was to have a baby it would be called Silver. The book opens with: My Mother called me Silver. Part precious metal, part pirate. And so it was. Jeanette was keynote speaker at Byron Bay Writers Festival last year, Silver meet her (although she was asleep) and had her own copy inscribed. My mother died 7 years ago.”

Fellow artisan Kelly Ross from The Gentry talks about her good friend…….

Tireless creator, weaver of dreams, bird of passage, Rose drinker, natural mother, treasure lover, mover + shaker

Effortless, pilgrim chic, sun tumbled beachcomber, everyday costumier disheveled wears PRADA

Next Life
I’m pretty sure this is her last…if that were the case & she had to start from scratch … a silk worm, or a fire fly

Past Life
A tight-rope walker in a circus … one who had to tie their own knots

Driving the backstreets with speed & accuracy, magic.
I’ve never been able to imagine her doing the dishes
Can find a rosemary bush anywhere.
Can con-jour an entire intricate, interior concept complete with branding in a single yoga class.

A way of executing her vision with a singleminded accuracy that unfolds with the precision that only arch preparation can foster.
Wisdom that wells from knowledge of the practical & contemplative.
Comedic timing.

Real Deal
Tenacious, grounded, resplendent & funny. Very Very funny. She has no idea how funny she is

One Word  

If you thought you were ‘sharing’ a cake.
Navigating the backstreets with speed & accuracy.
Things can happen very spontaneously & be so much fun people may be harmed in the making.

Right Now
Being an incredible role model to Silver.
Arranging enormous slabs of stone into a pyramid.
A marvel of modern civilization that future cultures will look back & exclaim “however did she do it ?”

Fall into Sibella’s world at The Society Inc

Thank you Kelly for your insightful words that perfectly describe how amazing and talented Sibella is as an artist, person and mother.

Steven and Chloe, great team x




By Country Road


Sibella Court, the Sydney-based author, interior stylist and new mother lends her creative projects a distinctly warm, personal touch. Here, a look behind the scenes at her anything-goes workspace along with her latest endeavour, the opening of a delightfully charming one-bedroom check-in.

Photographed by Hugh Stewart
Interview by Natasha Inchley

What ignited your love of design?

I grew up in a family that was very much inspired by the arts. My Mum used to take us to the theatre from a very early age and I was always given subscriptions to the Sydney Theatre Company for Christmas. We were surrounded by books, which in turn influenced the crafts projects we did at home. On the flipside, my Dad is a builder and is very passionate about things like old bricks and chimney pots and this made us appreciate all the fine details. Both my parents really embraced my creative notions from an early age – if I wanted to do carpentry or painting they would sign me up to classes, and so the passion grew.

Main image, top: Sibella Court wears Country Road knit, wide leg pantssneakers, bridle bracelet as well as her own jewellery. Baby Silver wears gingham jumpsuit. Above, from left: Country Road mugs, and stool from The Society Inc., baby Silver wears ruffle sleeve knit vest and gingham jumpsuit as she helps her mother at work, Sibella wears shirt, pants, and sneakers, all Country Road. 

You have such a distinct aesthetic, how would you describe your look?

As a stylist, I think you can be quite the chameleon – whether minimalist or eclectic – depending on the mood or the brief. I think my personal stamp, however, is that my styling props are very thoughtful and considered, they’re collections gathered together with meaning. When working with a client, I tend to take a lot of my own collections to the space, be it a bar or home interior – at Mr Wong restaurant, for example, there is a painting of camellias behind the bar that my grandmother did, and downstairs is a huge curtain that I sourced from the Andes in Ecuador. Regardless of what the theme is, I like to really focus on the personal touch.

How did your own brand, The Society Inc., come about?

When I lived in New York, I used to walk around Gramercy Park and take in all the old clubs in the area. At night, you could see people gathered around in these welcoming rooms inside grand brownstones and terraces, and I loved the old-school notion of it all. I’m also very inspired by the 1850s, when London hosted a huge exhibition in a crystal palace and people came from all over the world to show off their wares.

Above: Sibella wears Country Road scarf, mohair v-neck knit, and harem pants.

What is your secret to creating a warm yet compelling space?

It’s all about the importance of what you surround yourself with, both new and old. It’s a balance between the found and the man-made, and hard and soft textiles – something natural such as fresh flowers, or shells and stones will always soften an environment.

And what about your signature palette – for our Country Road story, you selected grey and camel tones:

I only ever wear neutrals; it comes from working on big interior sets and spaces and not wanting to stand out in the environment I was creating. My philosophy, though, is that everyone has his or her own personal palette. I often advise a client to look closely at all their favourite things – from a favourite dress to a ring they might have bought for a party, an invitation or bed linen – and a colour palette will always be revealed, it works every time. In my own home, even though I only dress in neutrals, I’m attracted to colours in washed out tones such as mossy greens and dusty blues.

Above, from left: Country Road art canister and oak utensil, the stylist’s own brushes, and Sibella wears the same outfit as above, Silver wears Country Road stripe frill T-shirt and quilted pants.

Your new one-bedroom terrace hotel located in Paddington is an insider delight:

I travel extensively and I’m always on the hunt for interesting places to stay. I love luxury as much as the next person, but I also don’t like generic. I prefer somewhere that is a little offbeat and personal. I was very emotionally attached to my old building in Paddington and when I opened the new store I wasn’t ready to let it go, so I had the idea of a one-bedroom hotel where guests could experience all the things that I love about this particular pocket in Sydney. It’s a sensory experience, all about immersing yourself in the environment.

Above, from left: The lounge of The Society Inc. Terrace with Country Road cushions, and Sibella in the hotel doorway wears Country Road shirt, tankpants and her own jewellery.

As a new mum to baby Silver, how do you strike a balance between work and family?

I think of it as having two babies. I love my job and have never had to think about work-life balance because one informs the other; there are huge overlaps between my job and my interests. I’ve also never been a late-night worker, I’m very efficient at getting things done between 9am and 6pm. I don’t go home and work on my computer, I switch off and I’m there for my family.

And finally, what would be your ultimate indulgence right now?

I’ve just been invited to stay at Satellite Island in Tasmania for three days and I’ve no doubt that will be incredible because it’s a quiet, remote place and therefore all about relaxing and doing nothing as opposed to scouting. Now I just have to find the time to escape there.

Above: The exterior of The Society Inc. Terrace hotel in Paddington.

Sibella Court’s The Society Inc. store is located at 75 Mary Street, St Peters, New South Wales, tel: (02) 9331 1592. The Society Inc. Terrace can be booked via Airbnb.