An appropriate portrait

Once while riding through beautiful Centennial Park, I discovered a white gum forest & was determined to do a guerilla-like shoot here at some stage. Shhh! Don’t tell the council. The opportunity arose when I dove into my dress-up box to shoot my portrait for my upcoming book, The Biography of a Bowerbird.

I donned several outfits and grabbed my brother/photographer Chris. It was a glorious early morning – although extremely muddy after heavy rainfall. Here are the results.


NYC Styleguide translated into Italian!

I am so excited that The Stylist’s Guide to NYC has been translated into Italian!! Etcetera is already available in Dutch, Italian & German and Nomad will be available in Italian in September. Bravissimo!


At Home (Viva NZ)


Q Station

I met my sister at the Q Station recently on a magical Sydney Summer day. It is part of the larger historical Quarantine Station that now has a cafe and restaurant. The buildings have been gently restored & are beautiful. Just wander around & look at the brickwork & lovely hardware & doors. In the rock face, shields & flags have been carved with dates & names. Otherwise just bake on the sand & swim in the harbour. You can catch the shuttle bus up & down or as I did, tackle the stairs & check out the glasshouse near the bend.


Mr G Rice

Whilst researching my next book, Biography of a Bowerbird at the Macleay Museum, I stumbled upon Mr George Rice. Intrigued, I delved into my research by contacting the Caroline Simpson Library. I poured over old surveyor’s maps from the late 1800s and discovered he owned The Curio Shop, 232 Lower George St Sydney from 1860-1877.

Pics from the National Library of Australia archives.

Around the corner on Pitt St was Mrs Palmer & Sons, a furrier & taxidermist. I have used this research & inspiration for the latest bar I have designed with Kelvin Ho. It is opening in April and is called Palmer & co.


Styling vs Decorating

I shot all the styling ideas for Nomad at locations around Sydney (thankyou to all my friends!) with my brother, Chris. It shows that you can use any decorative background and restyle and change according to your desires and recent inspirations. Any of these locations could have been changed to suit any of my current fads. Don’t theme your spaces, simply add flavour from your recent adventures or life experiences.

This workshop is not about expensive renovations or construction changes, but about adding and subtracting and rearranging your existing things, it’s about lo-fi and being clever and upcycling with the things you already have.

I will talk about these ideas of lo-fi and upcycling and demonstrate my edit process. I will also discuss what I feel are the differences between stylists & decorators and what each offers. This will be a fun one with lots of demonstrations!!