Hotel Atzaro Agroturismo

Set in the most magnificent established gardens: heavily laden fig, pomegranate, citrus & prickly pear trees, begging to be picked & eaten off the branch. Edit the Bali influence & bad signage out of your memory and stay here as an alternative to the seaside or if you do not have the captain of your super yacht on speed dial.

We had a fun, long, late lunch, but could have easily stayed here for the day (you can purchase a day pass) and hung out at the super chic pools, laying about on daybeds sipping cocktails and squeezing in a spa treatment.


Who would have thought

I don’t know if the week on a boat might have added enthusiasm for this store, and although I had read some great reviews, the curation, size & edit of this store impressed me on so many levels.

It is on the road to St Miguel (about 30 mins from Ibiza Port) in the middle of the island, surrounded by red earth fields & not much else. It is not in a town & is set back from the road, although it is hard to miss with the earth paddocks of life size cow sculptures grazing & milling at its turn off. Oh, how I love a sense of humour in retail.

It is made up of 5-6 big rooms, both indoors & outdoors that are cleverly fit out with structures within structures. They cover all the bases from home to fashion: soft furnishings, bath, furniture, books, art, outdoor, tabletop and a leafy courtyard café/bar to lounge around in for a pick-me-up or bored partners/children.

The installations within the store are fun to discover as you peruse the space. The furniture ranges from reclaimed fishing boat wooden tables to industrial metal chairs, lighthouse lighting, leather & tarp floor cushions, giant hot pink buddhas and Moroccan daybeds & stools, all set amongst camo, giant fans, crate stages & a built-out hut.

Sluiz has a very distinct personality that is somewhat of a well-informed global nomad with some hippy chic tossed in. It is targeted at the villa dwelling gypsets with props galore for your dwellings: teepee, pool house, super yacht, villa etc.

I bought African Shibori cloth, a lantern made from an old gasoline bottle, handcarved wooden spoons, pressed aluminium spoons, hammam bowl, horn tumblers and a panama (to replace the one that went overboard whilst flying in the tender).



Although Ibiza has never made it into my top 5 (or top 100), I was not one to turn down the invitation of a week of luxury to celebrate my friends 40th on a super yacht off the coast.

I have heard over the years that there was more to the notorious party island, so I put in a little effort to scratch beneath the surface between sunbathing, paddle boarding, sea bobbing, jet skiing and long lunches.


New Zealand

I flew to Queenstown to have a concentrated meeting with my architect & visionaire, Kelvin Ho & Justin Hemmes. Unfortunately for the meeting, we got a little distracted by very fast boats, racing cars, local food & wine and the most amazing backdrop ever!! Here are some of my pics.

I am coming back in October & most definitely planning to have Queenstown & its surrounds in an upcoming book.


Matisse & His Collections

Amongst the many Matisse paintings in the Barnes collection, I noticed quite a few that seemed familiar from the exhibition of Matisse & his textiles, a Met production from quite a few years ago that I saw with my mum. It was one of those life altering exhibitions, that made me look at the world a little differently.

I have been asked to work on a rug range & I wanted to base it on my mum’s collection of textiles, but after seeing these it made me want to combine a double inspiration of not only my mum’s things, but also a shared experience & love of this exhibition. We spoke of it often & I look forward to starting & combining this research, as well as coming up with something new, that my mum would love too.


Caravans, Fortune-tellers & Knitting

I dreamt up the shop’s Christmas theme a couple of weeks ago, it seemed so right, that we have decided to run with it in a big way.

Although I am not yet ready to reveal all, I will tell you I am on the look out for an old school, 1950s small scale caravan (if you want to lend us one, unload one or know of one), we will be auditioning for fortune-tellers & seers and need many coloured knitted squares (yes, we’d love you to donate yours).

Please contact shop@thesocietyinc.com.au if you would like to be a part/contribute to any of the above. We will be launching our Christmas transformation on Saturday December 1st. Come & join us for the festivities: stocking stuffers, decorations, presents galore & your fortune told.

Edited pic from NSW Library.