Sun Studios

My lovely friend, Richard Ludbrook of Sun Studios is generously supplying his fabulous super-studio space. We will be orchestrating our Emotive Interiors SOLD-OUT extravaganza workshop in Studio 3 on Tuesday 20th Sept. With raw brick walls, abundant set supplies & lots of space for the lucky 65 of you who got in early, we will have fun building a set & creating a space that reflects you & your personality. We will be joined by the fabulous team of Peter Glass of Bespoke on sound & audio, his good friend on camera, Phillip Skelton & his set building gig ‘hot sets’ (he is probably the busiest set builder for stills in Sydney but he also does lots of event stuff for Havaianas & others) & other helpful members that make up Sun Studios. We look forward to seeing those of you who will be attending & those who could not will be able to view it in action on our website soon! For everyone who missed out- watch this space for upcoming super extravaganza workshop!!

There is plenty of parking available on the night and BYO as usual. See you at 6.30 for the live action!


Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection

The Caroline Simpson Library, although not a collection museum in theory, always has an interesting array of related things from journals, guides, souvenir & scrap albums as well as other ephemera & furniture. Their collection always seems so personal, a real importance is placed on the hand touched & the individual- here, handwritten notes in a margin or personal references are embraced.

The Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection is open to anyone with an interest in the history of house & garden design & interior furnishing in New South Wales. The collection supports the Historic Houses Trust’s work of interpreting & managing places of cultural significance in NSW and provides a specialist research resource for scholars, heritage & conservation practitioners & museum professionals- & me!

It includes material across a wide range of formats: architectural pattern books; architectural fragments; wall coverings; floor coverings; manufactuirers’ trade catalogues & sample books; garden ornament; fittings (including curtain & blind hardware, door & window furniture); soft furnishings & trimmings; personal papers & manuscripts; pictures; photographs; books & periodicals. The scope of the collections is broad, covering houses & gardens of all kinds and ranging from the 19th Century to the present day. They also record significant houses, interiors and gardens in situ, usually on the point of change, through photographic survey & sometimes through oral history.

The fern book photographed here, is housed at this resourceful library where I enjoy the treasures that unfold with the help of librarians, Matthew, Megan, Annie & Michael.


A Moet event!

I recently installed this Moet pop-up event. With a limited budget & the help of my contacts we embraced this very intimate space. To create & represent all that is Moet, I used red velvet, black bullion thick fringe, gold collapsible tables, turned wood wine tables, classic bentwood chairs & installed drawn panelling & sconces painted directly onto my own ‘Pirate Black’ chalkboard paint walls.

For the finale I sourced high & low for vintage gold framed bevelled mirrors which my handy carpenter attached to the ceiling. Every surface is manipulated in some way in the space. For the floor I designed a hand-painted ‘rug’ in jester diamonds with the M&C logo at the entrance. I brought a bit of 70s kitsch back by converting magnums of Moet into lamps with burlap shades for ambient lighting (yes, I did drink the champagne!).

In the end, we have a cool space that I would definitely like to celebrate with a few bubbles.


Laura Baxter Design

Laura Baxter is my A-MAZ-ING web designer & friend. We meet over my website & she is not just an inspiration but illustrator & bottomless box of innovation & ideas. I love that I could let her own the project of building my website to represent me, my brand & my shop in the best, most beautiful way.

I let her have her freedom when developing my site which has made not only the most amazing site EVER but built a respected relationship that I cherish. Here’s to you lovely Laura.

P.S. Look out for our revamp of www.thesocietyinc.com.au launching on October 1st (my birthday!!).


The Collector’s Sidewalk Show- tomorrow!!

Rain, hail or shine (well, perhaps not hail)- the Collector’s Sidewalk Show shall go on! As grey & wet as it is today I am sure that it will be lovely tomorrow. We will be posting on Facebook, twitter & website if it must be postponed until next week!

Bring all your things! For sale, swap, up-cycle, free-cycle, to look & admire. Like-minded collectors & passers-by join us for serious amateur discussion & a sausage sizzle & coffee. Remember: your collection does not need to be expensive, it does not need to be of the norm, it simply must be what you are mysteriously drawn to. If you are too shy to bring your treasured box of rabbit foot key rings then bring yourself & curiosity. Can’t wait to see you there!

If you are unable to check online please call Hannah (0423 115 603) or Leah (0423 645 615) to check.


The Society inc. Collector’s Sidewalk Show

As a way to encourage people’s interactivity with museums and to ignite excitement & justify one’s own collections (amateur as they may be), in the 90s museums began to hold ‘The People’s Show’. This was a form of public exhibition where everyday people could bring their own treasured collections to the local museum and show them off to other like-minded collectors and passer-by’s.

As my extensive collections at The Society inc. have often been referred to as a treasure trove I have decided that it would be the perfect place to hold a People’s Show. All of my favourite artists and friends will bring along their favourite collections, and you can bring some of your treasures as well! Items will be available for sale or for swap. Or just to show off if you can’t bear to part with it. Your collection does not need to be expensive, it does not need to be normal, but it must be what you are mysteriously drawn to.

Just like our fleamarkets, we’re setting up shop on the footpath! We’re going to take it a step further with our People’s Show: bring a blanket, fill your carboot with goods and open your trunk toward the shop. The Society inc. Collector’s Sidewalk Show is all about generating discussion and conversation- a modern day collector’s salon.

Come along- bring your stuff to swap, sell, show-off & discuss with other like-minded people! BYO

8am-Midday, September 10

18 Stewart St, Paddington, 2021