Japan Case Study #3


Japan Case Study #2


I’m coming to Melbourne!!

Whilst on the hunt for fab locations for my next book, I looked further afield and am now heading on a shooting excursion to Melbourne!

The Establishment Studios is the brainchild of the amazing Glen Proebstel and his company prop.d, run/owned & concepted by the stylist great. His huge collection of stylist’s props (much like my own) now live here. Studio & prop hire, and event styling all out of these studios, Glen is super talented and all over everything.

Can’t wait for a change of city, see you in November!


Japan Case Study #1


You can sleep when you are dead: how to move through the hangover in NYC

“God, I’m so tired” comes to mind. But there are many reasons to drag yourself through the day & dance till dawn every night!

To get going, first up a coffee and food needs to be organised! Delis do a great BLT (bacon fried to snapping point) and they deliver, even if it amounts to $5! Don’t be shy, call your local deli- the concierge will have the number.

I have my favourite haunts from many an early shoot morning: Columbine for the best BLT on 7 grain bread; Ceci Cela for perfect French baguette with ham; Joe’s for the best coffee in town (and although coffee is finally getting serious in NYC you still have to know where they are located); a lofty Balthazar Breakfast; Le Pain QuotidienBrown Cafe for l.e.s breakfast platter; The Smile.


The Museum of International Folk Art: the Girard Collection

Best museum ever! I heard about the Girard Collection through Josh Yeldman’s sister at the opening of the Archibald, and quickly put it on the mental list of places to visit.

100,000 pieces accumulated & collected from around the globe. All folk, naïve, art that may have gone unrecognised or deposed of. This is everyday, ceremonial, handicraft to enjoy & play with: beadwork, textiles, amulets, religious, tiny towns, masks, wedding & dowry, papier mache, tinwork, weaving, pottery, games, magic, puppets, costumes.

It is bold in vision & colour, in the designed interior of its founder & creator, Alexander Girard. He has curated without definition or restriction, as objects stand & fly up high or down very low, look everywhere!! It made me  feel that most of us need more colour, more celebration, more magic & more fun in our lives.

Note: the shop is fabulous, leave time to spend your pocket money!!