LV Luggage

Whilst designing & installing an event for the new LV flagship store in Sydney, I had the luxury of playing with these beautiful vintage trunks from their collections.




I had a book when I was you that scared the bejeebers out of me. It was called ‘Teeny Tiny and the Witch Woman’. The path to the house in the forest was lined with trees that came along & tried to grab teeny tiny feet!! Frightening, yet intriguing! (Disclaimer: I am delving into an old memory so the facts of the actual book may be slightly blurred or incorrect). On any walks, jogs, field trips or adventures, a good old fashioned natural path- if it has a tunnel effect, all the better- raises my curiosity & adds to any ramble. Here are some paths from my recent jaunt at the Royal National Park in Bundeena (the world’s second oldest national park!).


Next Workshop!!!

It’s the first workshop of the new year!! So excited to get back into it. There are still tickets available for COMMERCIAL CONCEPTS Wednesday 8 Feb at 6.30pm. See below for details and get tickets here!

Come & experience the in’s & out’s of designing a commercial space. Sibella will hold court in one of the spaces she has designed. She will discuss the entire process: coming up with a brief, concept development, colour palette, furniture & finishes, installation & final touches. You will be able to understand how commercial interiors come to be through physical examples of the space that you are in. Chat with Sibella about how research & history creates a strong conceptual foundation & how the steps that follow are all based on this. Shopping, sourcing, creating a colour palette, applying an idea to space, considering seating & floorplan, arranging furniture & art installation & styling will all be discussed to show you how Sibella makes a commercial space work.

Location: The Beresford, 354 Bourke St, Surry Hills 2010
Complementary alcoholic drink on arrival!

Rainy Set Case Study #1

Whilst shooting at my friends beautiful Pittwater house (Collette & Bradley thankyou!) for my next book, The Biography of a Bowerbird, I partially left my props out from a sunset tablesetting shot. We had a downpour through the night & this was the magic of the set in the morning. A much better styling job than my own, from nature.


Love Fiona Caulfield

I picked up a LoveJaipur in London (at that super cool travel bookshop, Daunt Books). Not only is it just a beautiful object of handmade paper with cloth printed cover (and optional silk lined bag!) but it is full of well-educated, much travelled, tried & tested shopping, sleeping, eating & visiting stops, even spas are included.

It was invaluable on my trip to Jaipur in January of 2011. My visit coincided with the Jaipur Literary Festival where the fab Indian bookshop Full Circle, had a pop-up store. There was a huge pile of Fiona’s books there & I promptly bought one for everyone I was travelling with in India as gifts.

We had the pleasure of meeting Fiona on her recent trip to Australia- I sadly was not at The Society inc. :(- but we are now stocking her books that I would never leave home without! There are six in the ever-growing series. Do swing by, order online from us or visit lovetravelguides. Our first order of books arrived wrapped in cloth. Magical!


Happy Holidays to all!

Our 2011 adventures are drawing to a close.

It’s been an exciting year with two books being released (!!): The Stylist’s Guide to NYC and Nomad: bringing your travels home, super fun workshops, creating cool spaces: El Loco, Beresford Upstairs, 30 Knots, my first gallery exhibition: Souvenirs of Etcetera, lots of media & Q&A’s (5000 according to Leah), a global book tour & launch, researching & shooting for the next book, Hannah taste testing every high energy, high sugar drink you could imagine, globetrotting: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, the States, Paris, Venice, India, the Netherlands & more none of us can remember and all the things we fit in between.

The team at The Society inc. just want to say thank you.

Thanks for all your support. Thanks for coming in, coming to our events, not unsubscribing with the end of year newsletter & event flood (sometimes we get excited) & all your lovely feedback.

We promise the new year will be even more exciting!! We can’t wait to see you after the holidays & hear about all your adventures.

The shop will close tomorrow (Sat 24) at 5pm, both at Paddington & online. We look forward to seeing you in the new year from Jan 23rd! Hours 11am – 5pm/ Wed – Sat as usual.