10 Corso Como

Two very happy things happened this morning. I visited 10 Corso Como and I saw Ilse Crawford. Although too shy (hard to believe) to introduce myself, she is one of the reasons I am the stylist I am today. I have every copy of Elle Decoration that she edited in the 90s. She was a huge influence on how I looked at design, products, photographs and other greats, like stylist/artist Sue Skeen, photographers, James Merrell & Martin Morel amongst many others. All these people continue to inspire & mould me as their greatness changes with the times.


Fall is here

As the fall settles in the southern hemisphere, it is time to pull out all the tactiles & the textures of the season: leathers, knits, cashmere, linen, quilts & the rest. For inspiration, here is a pic that did not appear in Nomad (I believe my brother may have missed this one). Don’t limit your bed layering to conventional options. Use skins & hides as a caveman would have.


Bedouin Societe to-die-for

I have always loved sleeping in linen sheets. I like how they crease & how they are not slippery like cotton sheets. I was once a white fan, but now discovering Bedouin Societe sheets I cannot decide which is my favourite: from coal black to nutmeg. The colours are just so good. The sheets are so soft, but hold their body, they crease oh-so perfectly and don’t even worry about tucking them in. I featured them at my last workshop, Styling vs Decorating held at The Bite Club, with great success and enthusiasm. We will be selling them at The Society inc. but in the meantime email: info@bedouinsociete.com for stockists.


Society SALE!

It is time for some fresh new windows at The Society inc.! We love our window displays so much sometimes it’s too hard to part with them. So to ease the pain we’ve decided to have a sale of all the pieces in the window – & make way for the next magical worlds through the glass. These pieces I used to build sets for my next book, The Biography of a Bowerbird, out this October. This is your preview:

(If you want to buy anything before it gets snapped up – just call us on 9331 1592) x


Shell Collection

I am lucky enough to have inherited my grandparent’s amateur shell collection. They collected it throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s from the shores of the Northern Peninsula on the coast of NSW. It is not in any shape complete or outstanding, but reminds me of them fishing, beachcombing & swimming every day. It was housed in random recycled boxes & jars, showing me where they were shopping & what they were eating! A tiny box from David Jones, a cardboard coffee container with metal lid, glass jars with orange & yellow lids, pin boxes etc.

On my recent South Coast roadtrip I bought a similar shell collection. I discovered it at Turnbull Bros Antiques in Milton and complete with a display cabinet, which I kindly left behind.

The collection consists of some fabulously kitsch souvenir pieces (including the Harbour Bridge) as well as bailing shells, kelp, nautilus, sea urchin, a seadragon, giant oysters, conical, olive, big, small & spiky scallops.

The story goes, it was collated by a fisherman’s wife from Moruya River (south of Milton) where the river meets the sea, from the 1960s. Although not precious, it is going to be displayed on a high purpose built shelf, pride of place, in my venture opening next week, The Fish Shop: 22 Challis Ave, Potts Point.  Come & check it out.


The Society inc. HQ

Most mornings I rise very early. I love to greet the day with the sun, the beach & some fresh air. However if I stop at the shop, the light is at its best. I often get distracted with the shadow & mood of the quiet office. We are 3 at The Society inc.: Hannah, Leah & myself. These pictures I took way before the daily mayhem started when all was quiet & serene. This is where everything happens, it is the studio above the shop where we create, design, write, meet and have a very good time.