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Still-life case studies

At The Society inc. HQ the morning light (around 6.30am) is glorious. I often stop through on my way to the beach, and the light is distractingly beautiful. These are the objects that greet me at the top of the stairs.


Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas and here is a peek at my favourite decorations for this year to go with my Gypsy Caravan theme at The Society inc.!


The Drovers Inn

Due to wet weather & strong winds we were deterred from visiting Iona, the island of the tip of the Isle of Mull in Scotland, and made a dash for the Drovers Inn – a ferry trip and about one hour from Inverarnan. What a treat we were in for. It is the oldest inn in the UK that was built in 1705 and is still functioning as an inn. In the middle of a National Park, you travel down a picturesque road (perfectly timed for us at dusk) and see this amazing beacon of  warm light in the distance, making you think of comfort, soup and red wine. Which I\’m sure is what comes to mind for the predominant visitors to the inn, hikers exploring the surrounding mountains and lochs.

There are boxes upon boxes upon boxes of taxidermy and mounted specimens coming from http://hicallyslot.org/ the wall and ceiling and every which way direction. There were many small rooms off the reception area, my favourite had a fox door knocker on the door and opens to the bar. Bar staff are amazing, wine list is awesome and food is good & honest. Everyone is chatty and talking about the day\’s hike, where they\’ve been and where they are going next. Oil paintings are clustered together as you go up the stairs to bed. If you imagine this place in your mind – it is that good.

There is a train station nearby so you don\’t have to drive. Secretly pleased we missed out on Iona so we got to see the Drovers Inn!


Jupiter Artland

Definitely the highlight of Edinburgh (although slightly out of town). It is wonderful. It is Jupiter Artland.

A sense of humour & so many fabulous site specific pieces from contemporary art greats. We visited on a  glorious day.  The Andy Goldsworthy stone wall that weaves through the trees made the walk from the carpark to the start of tour as enjoyable as the stroll through the park! Coffee and treats are served through an airstream and another Andy Goldsworthy site specific mud-caked wall installation sits oh-so-casually on the cafe wall. Very cool.


Christmas Market at The Society inc.!

The festive season is upon us and I’m having a Traders & Bakers marche meets Christmas party to celebrate! This year I’m channeling Gypsy Caravan & am all about colour, prints, stocking stuffers, decorations, presents galore and having your fortune told at the same time! I will be launching my Gypsy Caravan reincarnation with a very appropriate streetside (unfortunately there are no rivers through Paddington to camp by) fair. All the foodies and usual suspects will be here to start the festivities with sunshine, jams & preserves, baked goods, fortune cookies (a very special kind), ceramics, buskers, fortune readers and the classic Society inc. fleamarket finds – it’s been too long!

The Society inc. will be overflowing with lots of tassles & pom poms, patterned folk baubles, felt donkeys (Santa’s new mode of transport), layers & layers of handpainted textiles, mix & match cutlery on the table, pajaki chandeliers (polish, paper & so much fun!) and screen-printed cushions & throws. I never go with the traditional Christmas theme, just celebration and an excuse to dress the house in something new. Colour is in, so embrace it and do something different! This will definitely be our most exciting market yet.

Saturday 1st December, 8AM-1PM