Easter Table Styling with West Elm

Recently I was asked by West Elm to do an Easter table styling workshop in their Bondi Junction store.

When it comes to table styling & decorating, its good to chose a theme. Don’t be shy to incorporate elements that are not just the traditional table setting basics. Not everyone needs the same plate, same napkin, same glass. Levels, textures, colours, patterns should all be kept in mind when decorating for the holidays.

Come up with a colour palette and chose a few tones, work within it to create your table setting. Pull out all of your favourite things, and then edit to create a palette.

For the West Elm table, I picked a grey palette, with a pop of copper and blues from the hand dyed shibori eggs that my assistant Hannah made! I styled with fresh cut flowers from Mr Cook, and added stacks of books, some porcelain chicken ornaments and a clock!

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West Elm Styling - The Society inc. by Sibella Court

Workshop - The Society inc. by Sibella Court

Florals - The Society inc. by Sibella Court



Stylist’s Guide to the Globe – New Orleans

I am working on my next stops for the Stylists guide to the globe – heading to New Orleans. I have anticipated this trip for many years, and my dates happen to fall in the week of the Jazz festival.

If you have any suggestions of shops, museums, inns, hotels, restaurants, boats, art, magic, ghosts and other fun, please send your info our way.
Stylist's Guide to the Globe - New Orleans - The Society inc. by Sibella Court

The Stylist’s Guide is Going Global!

The Stylist’s Guide is going global ! Based on the success of The Stylist’s Guide to NYC , I am launching my edited globetrotting adventures – a one-stop-shop design & travel site. Opening my address book to reveal my favourite places in the world, I will take you on surprising and beguiling journeys, uncovering traditional merchants and hidden sanctuaries and all the coolest spots from around the globe.

The site will be a collection of curated and edited stores, services, markets, galleries and refuelling stops, maps, travel and cultural survival tips. A travel and design guide that celebrates the curious, the beautiful and the unexpected.

First stop – Bali! We would love to include your must-sees, secret spots, makers&crafters & best place to lay your head amongst all the rest! Email us at georgie@thesocietyinc.com.au

Pirate - The Society inc. by Sibella Court




A Fabulous Room

William and Jo White are real live tinkers – or tinkerers anyway. They built their Brunswick Heads shop, Fabulous Mrs Fox, out of salvage and live upstairs. Fabulous Mrs Fox sells lighting William makes – he’s a bit of an inventor – plus flea market finds, books, a crystal ship chandelier I want to buy, and all sorts of other objets.

William and Jo lived in South Carolina and Argentina for years – their place feels like the coolest apartment in Beunos Aires with its beautifully proportioned rooms, panelled dados, shutters and floorboards, and always a vista to inspire curiosity of what the next room might look like.

Now, one of their Fabulous Room’s is available for holiday rental. The room is nestled in the quaint seaside village, only 15 minutes north of Byron Bay with loves of boutique shopping and cafes right at the doorstep.

The Society inc. by Sibella Court - A Fabulous Room 7 copy


The Society inc. by Sibella Court - A Fabulous Room 3


The Society inc. by Sibella Court - A Fabulous Room 1


The Society inc. by Sibella Court - A Fabulous Room 4



Shopping the globe with One Kings Lane

In April of last year, I was invited by One Kings Lane on a global shopping trip to anywhere in the world, to fill a container of treasures for their online sale. We decided on Vietnam, due to its many specialties in ceramics, bamboo, lacquerware, embroidery, canework, and horn. I hand-picked, and custom-designed an assortment of pieces, perfect for adding a well-traveled touch to anyone’s home.

Vietnam is a manufacturing country, in new & old techniques. I knew I would be able to find objects in the markets, that were still tinkered, smithed & blown as they had been for 100s of years. The luxury of shopping there, is the many different manufacturing & making processes and specialised expertise that can be pin pointed to a specific area. To be able to bring back unique products, identifiable with a country, and to have a story brings a beautiful depth to a home or space.

We had a very successful shopping trip! Filling the container with intricately detailed cotton bedlinen in the softest of colours, giant temple incense coils, hand forged scissors, beautifully delicate bamboo birdcages, horn spoons, metal beaten utensils, and even a bamboo bicycle!

The online sale launches Friday 24th January in the US. Get online for a shop and also check out the travel guide.

Bird Cage - The Society inc. by SIbella Court

Fishing Boat - The Society inc. by Sibella Court

Silver Bells - The Society inc. by Sibella Court

Hoi An Mats - The Society inc. by Sibella Court

Ceramics - The Society inc. by SIbella Court


Peacock Pride

In 1980 my sister & I had a room decoratored by leading interior designer, Mary Kerr. My aunt stylist/editor, Robyn Duffecy had organised for a shoot for magazine of the moment Home Beautiful. We thought it was amazing, & it was. So sophiscated for an 8 & 13 year old- canopied beds with matching piped bedspreads (that we were instructed to never ever throw off willy-nilly but had to be very neatly folded each evening) in an almost ikat pattern of lichen, dusky pink & murky cream from Avanti. The stand out piece for me was the peacock chair, painted in gloss white that sat pride of place at our vanity table that was shared between the 2 beds with a matching mirror. Cutting edge of the time, it has never left me & I still have a love & romance with cane .

Today, the peacock design comes in many colours, and is a fun addition to any kids room.

At Society inc. we are selling two beautiful pieces; a crafted and colourful mini rattan peacock chair; a perfect place to curl up with a book, imagine, or just look fabulous! Approx 104cm in height, 78cm wide and 47cm deep for $399.

Also available, a mini peacock bed head in dusky pink. Approx 106cm wide x 147cm in height for $399.

Peacock Chair - The Society inc. by Sibella Court
Peacock Bedhead - The Society inc. by Sibella Court