Children’s Sailboat Workshop

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Little dreams can grow into grand seafaring adventures and thanks to the success of our Miniature Sailboat Workshop on the weekend we would like to invite your tiny pirates to start small and handcraft their very own mini sailboat.

Join Captain Elise Cameron-Smith for an afternoon workshop exclusive to the young deckhands in your life. Your little captains in the making will be provided with all the loot they need to build their boat, but remember to bring a few treasures to decorate it once its complete. The finishing touch for their boat will be a perfect name, so come with something special in mind. Then hoist your sails and float on, little sailors.


Saturday May, 2015

The Society inc. Warehouse
3.02 – 75 Mary Street
St Peters NSW 2044


The Beach People

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We are over the moon to introduce you to: The Society Inc.

This stockist is more than a store. it is a warehouse of whimsy, a sort of homewares museum, a showcase of old and new.

Historical, nautical, industrial conversational, these are a few words that spring to mind when looking at the wide range of objects found here.

To find out more about this inspiring space we chatted to the lady behind it all, the one and only Sibella Court…


I’m the owner of The SocietyInc., interior stylist, creator of products & spaces, author and globetrotter. But in my spare time I’m a master swordswoman & tier of knots.

The Society Inc. is now housed in a 280 square meter warehouse in the old Taubman’s factory that was built in 1901, in St. Peter’s, Sydney.


I was craving a new structure, an old warehouse to reimagine. To be honest I am still discovering the area, but after perusing it I love the different layers of service and history that exist together. Paths converge – industry meets creativity here  – I love that I can get my car serviced in the next warehouse, pick up a Prickly Pear in a Moroccan terracotta pot at Garden Life & grab a boutique coffee at Sample.


Bonobo, The Rolling Stones, Arrested Development, Fine Young Cannibals, & the Cure.


The move to a warehouse was to curate the space as though walking through the pages of one of my books. Part hardware&haberdashery, part oddity&curiosity. We celebrate the makers, crafters, creators from around the globe: Atelier Sukha from the Netherlands, ceramics by Earthbender Anna Karina, handcrafted longboards by collaboration with McTavish, oil painted markings by Byron Bay artist Jordana Henry and ANAESTHETIC Design oak Mariner stools amongst many others.


I’m fascinated by the time of slow travel – days not hours spent in metamorphic spaces, heavy luggage & dining carts on trains or ships. The romance of the journey rather than the destination. I’m using this idea for a new hospitality project…

Working with the Caroline Simpson library – they’re pulling for me old Bentwood catalogues from their incredible archive of all things interiors for a new furniture range that I’m designing, calling on old shapes for new pieces.

A constant inspiration is Ilse Crawford and all her magic – reading the pages and her philosophies in her fabulous new book, A Frame for Life.

Photography by Madeline Johnson from The Loved Ones.



The Pirate & the Matador Opening Night


Step aboard me hearties, adventures wait on hand

But once you tread the creaking decks no more you’ll walk on land

Guests were greeted with ice-cold Mount Gay rum and ginger beer when they came aboard master shipwright, Elise Cameron-Smith’s floating flotilla on Wednesday night. Everyone huddled around custom wooden sheds by carpenter Felix Allen, & with the Rolling Stones blaring toes were tapping and smiles were aplenty.

Each of Elise’s miniature sailing boats is searching for a new port to call her own. A shanty tale tells the story behind each of the boat’s bespoke names like Aurora, Wild Horse, and of course The Pirate, and The Matador.

Join Elise this Saturday for her Miniature Boat Building Workshop in our warehouse. You will be provided with all you need to craft a mini sailboat of your own. All you need to bring are your own scissors, some treasures and nick knacks to decorate your boat & don’t forget to have a name in mind for her. Elise will be toiling away for chatting & to show her wares from 11am.

Join the fleet. If you want to buy a boat come and visit us at the warehouse, or take a look at our website. All of the boats are available online as well. Book your tickets for the workshop here.

Sibella x

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The Society inc. closed Monday

Gypsy_chapter4scotland_p189 copy

We’re doing a reshuffle at The Society inc. and will be shutting our barn doors on Monday 18th May.

Come and check out our fabulous new fit out inspired by the fishing net sheds of Hastings when we reopen.

For after hours on Wednesday come along to the Pirate and the Matador.


The Pirate & The Matador


The Pirate and The Matador

The Pirate and The Matador ruled the oceans worlds apart
The Caribbean and The Spanish Maine salt in their veins and heart
Ruled with musket and cutlas, upon the open seas
Feared all over the salty world, treasures waiting for you, for me
Now they’re down in the Southern Ocean, searching far and wide
Seeking out a dominance, nowhere to run or hide
So step aboard me hearties, adventures wait on hand
But once you tread the creaking decks, no more you’ll walk on land

Join shipwright, Elise Cameron-Smith for a very special exhibition of her fleet of mini ships at The Society Inc. The opening launch is on Wednesday, the 20th of May at 6-8pm. All are welcome to come along, be consumed in her world of small seafaring quests and join our little flotilla.

The Pirate and The Matador –

Sailboat Workshop

If you have dreams of tinkering on a wooden boat but just can’t fathom it, start small and finish a miniature boat in an afternoon’s work. Become a matador, a pirate, a buccaneer and ride the wind and tides of your own creation.

The Society Inc. is hosting a very special workshop with master shipwright, Elise Cameron-Smith, in handcrafting your own miniature sailing boat. You will be provided with all you need to build the frame of your sailboat, but come with a name in mind for her. Bring your own collection of small curiosities and treasures, from feathers to sea glass or shells, to adorn your boat while she is becalmed. Be bold, fly the skysails and join the fleet. And don’t forget to bring your own scissors.

All Ages Welcome
Tickets $65

Saturday 23rd May 12, 2015

The Society inc. Warehouse
3.02 – 75 Mary Street
St Peters NSW 2044


Sale at The Society inc. Warehouse – This Saturday!

The Society inc. is holding a one-day-only flash sale this Saturday, April 18th from 10am-4pm. We need to make room for more cool stuff & are reducing a selected range of furniture & stock items by 20%. Items include our amazing copper nailed, bent wood 18ft Clinker boat, folding cinema chairs, mason jars, cotton shibori dyed mosquito nets & terracotta choocks amongst other bits n’ bobs. Be early to avoid disappointment or email us at hello@thesocietyinc.com.au if you cannot make it in store.

The Society inc. by Sibella Court - Weekend Sale - IMG_9005 The Society inc. by Sibella Court - Weekend Sale - IMG_8999 The Society inc. by Sibella Court - Weekend Sale - IMG_9002 The Society inc. by Sibella Court - Weekend Sale - IMG_8992684027f264d5c6c7825d72e7d5620cc9The Society inc. by Sibella Court - SOCIETY_SHOP_0026