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Why Honest & Humble Elements Are Always A Good Choice

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Why Honest & Humble Elements Are Always A Good Choice

Being humble is something that's valued in almost every facet of life. Here's why I don't hesitate to include elements that live up to this title in my interiors.

Honest & Humble
Everyday materials, tried & tested for centuries; natural materials, translated & manipulated and put to functional use. These are the foundations of my palette and I love to populate my interiors with them. Sure, I'm all for a grand stage and finery, but returning home to a cosy abode is one of life's greatest pleasures, which is why my honest & humble elements are such common threads in my interiors. You can't go wrong with these finishing touches.

Candlelight adds a warming ambient element to any room, whether the candles are scented or not. I have candles of all shapes & sizes: church tapers, beeswax, birthday cake, elaborate hand-moulded & embellished Mexican ones, figures, wedding cake toppers and the rest.
Tip: Attach tapers to a table with their own wax for a romantic centrepiece. At dusk, light them and let them pool on the table as the party starts.

My paper obsession saw a new outlet when I began to collect porcelain versions of classic-shaped paper vessels. A strawberry punnet, paper plate, hot chip container, expresso cup: I love that something usually tossed away after one use suddenly has a longer life by being made of something precious. I stick to white and let the pieces speak for themselves in their simplicity. I like the surprise element of the traditionally disposable becoming permanent.

Handblown glass
Years ago, I found a market outside of Paris, a jambon & brocante market to be exact. It was the best market I have ever been to, not just for the fabulous finds, but for the fact that at lunchtime the stalls closed, and shop owners pulled out their beautiful short-stemmed vintage glasses, linen napkins & silver cutlery to accompany their just as fabulous cheeses, oysters & ham (of course!). It was such a simple daily ritual that I have now incorporated it into my life, and love nothing more than sipping my Pouilly-Fuissé from one of these glasses. I have now collected them from around the world (not just France) and embrace their mix-&-match quality, and the stories & memories their purchase holds.

I now so adore these honest & humble elements that their sentimental value far outstrips their beautiful simplicity. That's what I love about them.


Filed 10th Feb, 2017
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