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The Stylist Alphabet: J is for…

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The Stylist Alphabet: J is for…

J is for…

Japanese charcoal
Some years ago I visited an exhibition in New York about Japanese tea ceremonies. I spent the afternoon immersed in the details of this incredible ritual and almost immediately started buying similar small utensils and objects with very precise functions. Japanese charcoal is made from bamboo and oaks such as nara, kunugi and kashi. It has a high concentration of minerals and carbon and is used for water purification in the tea ceremony, the bath and even the rice cooker. Simple pieces such as this are elevated by their story or history of usage.


The perfect spot to dip your toes in the water while snacking on fresh prawns or fish & chips.


Decoration for your wrist, or anywhere really.



Perfect in basket form for holding just about anything in your laundry, bedroom, for stacking linen or holding loose bits & bobs. Shop my collection of jute baskets here.


Jars & Jugs 

In glass, aluminium, mason, porcelain & ceramics. For flowers, wooden spoons, water or simply to sit pretty on your table or shelf. Shop my collection of jugs here.

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