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The Stylist Alphabet: E is for…

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The Stylist Alphabet: E is for…

E is for…


Inspiration comes in all forms. A newsletter dating back to 1939 showcasing the H.M.S. Bounty inspired this embroidered cushion, custom-made in Bali. Shop my new scrimshaw napkins here.


Paper for a purpose; the incidentals made from it, often overlooked or discarded with marks from being many times thumbed. Here, a tonal collection of ephemera picked up in Japan, a lovely reminder of my travels: poetry cards, calling cards and a random ‘4’. I can add and rearrange as I discover more pieces.


Evil eye
You see the imagery of the evil eye throughout Turkey as well as West Asian cultures. It’s the protective measure used against curses bestowed upon you by an ill-wishing gaze, the effects of which can be bad luck or death! People with light-coloured eyes are relatively rare around the Aegean Sea, so people with blue eyes are thought to impart the curse, intentionally or otherwise. Turkish charms are normally blue as a result. I’m a big believer in any additional protection in life and always wear my own amulets. Shop my collection of evil eye ornaments here.


To be relished! However you travel, whether it be via sailboat, puddlehopper, motorbike, taxi, horse & cart, vintage Mercedes or old-fashioned hiking, seek out adventure & beauty where you can.

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