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Street Shopping in Hoi An

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Street Shopping in Hoi An

One of the main reasons for visiting Hoi An was to find the lanterns the area is famous for. A monthly lunar festival is held on the full moon, where the whole town is lit up with lanterns. Although we missed the festival, we found the makers of the collapsible bamboo structured lanterns. I am not a fan of the silk used, so we designed our own for One Kings Lane in lots of shapes & sizes.

Hoi An is a coastal town, once the main trading port of Vietnam & largely built by the Japanese & Chinese. Beautiful old shop fronts line the street selling their wares. The buildings & their facades fascinated me more than the most of the souvenirs. Bouganvillea & other climbing flowers drip from the eaves & faded lanterns look beautiful against chalky walls of turquoise & yellows. Walk the streets of Phan Boi Chau & have a look at the colonial riverside building that houses Brother’s Café. Wander through the central market for bamboo baskets, fruit & vegetable, handloomed natural mats, kitchen utensils & everything else. Cross over to Ngyen Thai Hoe to the lantern shop and pop your head into some of the historic houses. Then finish for lunch at the 2-story Mango Mango looking over the river. This is owned by gun slinging Vietnamese American, Duc. Delicious food, with a mix of subtle Vietnamese, Japanese & fresh produce flavours (leave room for  coconut & passionfruit ice cream).

Best to do this in the morning before it’s too hot or in the afternoon & then finish at Duc’s other restaurant, Mango Room.

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