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Small Details To Add Style To Your Kitchen

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Small Details To Add Style To Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of those spaces that can be totally transformed with some attention to detail.

While kitchens are now the centrepiece of the contemporary home, they can still have details glossed over in favour of practicality. Of course there needs to be an element of utilitarianism, but there are some key ways you can play up the character of this space. And considering it's now the hub for entertaining, you'll probably want to...

Integration is a bit of a kitchen buzzword and, to be honest, I'm not really into buzzwords. Sure, there are super-sleek kitchens that totally master this look, but if you're more like me and err on the side of maximalism, it's more likely that you'll look to some key players in your styling repertoire.

Favourite things (colour coded)
If you are constantly attracted to the same colours, or have been recently inspired by a trip, colour code your accessories. Group cookbooks in similar hues with coordinating bits & bobs. Display your super-cool kitchen & serving ware on your counter top proudly.

Drawer pulls
Rethinking your hardware can totally transform a tired kitchen. This kitchen was inspired by a room I stayed in while holidaying in Sorrento, Italy. I love the tongue-and-groove cabinetry paired with the sleek sparkle of the stainless-steel benchtop, but the star for me (aside for the driftwood sculpture by the sink) is the hardware. I was so inspired by this kitchen that I have re-created these drawer pulls in my own hardware range. Pick up some for yourself here.

Natural light
I know some spaces are gloomier than others but my advice – for any space really – is to do what you can to maximise natural light. Some spaces do well with the slightly speakeasy vibe, but they really need a vintage settee, swathes of fabric and weather that is year-round chilly. For a kitchen, given its star-of-the-home status, natural light in abundance adds instant appeal. Kitchens that are luminescence-challenged might benefit from a base palette of white – feel free to add texture with your hardware (see above) and styling touches (see below).

When I travel, I look for kitchen and hardware supply stores. Here, I add to the ever-growing utensil rack. Japanese tape, wire baskets and kitchen brushes. Don't hide your handmade, crafted finds away in the cupboard – show them off. I'm often drawn to inexplicable utensils with questionable purposes because I value their sculptural presence. These are the kind of things that brings layer and texture to a kitchen and invite the curiosity of guests. I love evoking that sense of surprise in my own interiors, so I challenge you to seek out kitchenalia that piques interest as you'll bring a sense of fun into a practical space.


Filed 3rd Mar, 2017
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