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When I was growing up, I had a fascination with secrets. Although I am not the greatest keeper of secrets, I did like the places I could hide them.

Loose floorboards, secret hidey holes in bookcases, my father’s safe under the shag pile rug in his office. I had to make-do with carefully cutting each & every page in one of my Enid Blyton Magic Faraway Tree books, then glueing them together. A very long & tedious process I assure you.

Now to stash your secrets, I have made it very easy for you with a pre-fab version. Here are books, with plenty of room, to hide your secret jewellery, pot, keys, presents, sneaky ciggies, sweets or whatever else needs to be squirreled away from nosey parkers & curious minds. Good for all ages 2-100 years old.

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