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Goodbye for Now


The Society Inc. is closed from the 21st of December to the 11th of January. Thank you all for a great year and we look forward to foraging & creating magic with you all in 2016. From us all, Happy Holidays!



Styling Your Christmas – The Added Extras

Styling- Sibella Court Photography- Chris CourtEtcetera0018

End-of-year events call for a little bit of magic. However you like to tackle these events is entirely personal – some like to go all out, and others prefer a more relaxed approach. I think, no matter where you stand, you can still stay true to your own style to create a unique celebration. Why not decorate your home in keeping with your own 10-colour palette? Here, my ‘Paperwhites’ palette holds a hint of sparkle without shouting about it.


Natural tones are an easy touch point if you prefer a softer festive scheme. Here, a star made from driftwood echoes the familiar forms of the season, with bamboo-handled cutlery adding another warm tone. Serene blues and soft fabrics add to this setting’s relaxed feel.

Styling- Sibella Court Photography- Chris CourtEtcetera0017

Tissue paper, a glimmer of silver and delicate glass ornaments – styling perfection!


Mix & match glasses and styles. I love this setting because it celebrates colour & fun. Choose pieces for their interesting shapes, handmade elements and because you love them – this will make your arrangement totally your own!


When out shopping, pick up the one-off anniversary plate but please don’t display it. Add it to your pile of tableware and use it at your next dinner party. Embrace the kitsch and use it for the everyday.


A mix of paper & fabrics make a generous layered table covering. I adore the well-loved patina of this cutlery, as well as the mismatched quality. Precious pieces have their time to shine at end-of-year events, so enjoy the thrill of the occasion.


Simplicity can be the loudest of statements. Here, it’s about timber-handled cutlery, linen napkins and an elegant plate. The zinc place setting is the perfect finishing touch. Feel free to apply whatever degree of decoration to your feel necessary – sometimes, less is more.


Other times, more is more! If you’ve found yourself a bit disorganised in the lead up to Christmas, pull together whatever fun frivolities you have on hand to set the scene for a party. I’m not one to feel restricted by “rules” of styling, and I love to think out of the box. Here, a vintage chandelier stands tall as a centrepiece that mirrors the silhouette of a Christmas tree. Fabric and paper offer a vibrant table runner, that cares not for the stereotypical festive palette. Have fun!


However you choose to decorate or celebrate, I hope it is fabulous & marvelous! I’m taking a break over the holiday season, but don’t go too far – I’ll be back in 2016. The shop will be open until late December for all your present shopping.


From the Library: TRUCK Nest


This book is an intimate, raw & honest insight into the beautiful world of TRUCK Furniture with tales from both Tokuhiko Kise and Hiromi Karatsu, the couple behind the designs. In quiet nostalgia, this book traces the nine-year journey of Tokuhiko and Hiromi, as they set out to create a place of their own. Requesting to live “surrounded by trees”, in a nest all their own – where they could live and work comfortably with their large family of one daughter, five dogs and eight cats.

The book chronicles the planning & construction of their house, store, workshop and café called Bird by celebrity chef Kentaro. It is quirky, intimate and sublimely portrays the couple’s sensibilities and unique way of life. Written by the couple themselves and lavishly illustrated with their own photographs, this is a book & a journey we hope you’ll want to keep in your home and return to many times.

You can buy your copy of TRUCK Nest here. We’re sure it will be cherished.


Holiday Gift Guide: Tender is the Night


Shop the Holiday Gift Guide here.


Holiday Gift Guide: Merchants & Traders


Shop the Holiday Gift Guide here.


The Stylist Alphabet: U is for…

U is for…


To give an object, piece of furniture, a roadside find a new lease on life. The piece can be reworked in some way to have a new function or its appearance altered.

Upholstery fabrics
Rich with possibilities, upholstery fabrics offer so much beyond the usual hard and soft furniture coverings. A length of sumptuous velvet can be used as a wall covering or as a backdrop for other artwork. Take a similar approach with frames – if you haven’t yet found the pictures or artwork to fill them, use plain or patterned fabric.


I am one of those people who has everything you could possibly need in a kitchen, but buy only what is aesthetically pleasing. I like to display my array on hanging racks – so it’s a wooden handle over a plastic one for me.
You can gauge my trips by the variety and material of hand-carved spoons I have: made from wood, shell, mother of pearl, snails, bamboo and horn from various ports around the world.
Many of my early memories are of cooking with my mum, sifting flour, beating eggs, all the simple chores of youth. The hand utensils she had now hang, full of childhood memories, on my utensil rack, for all to see: whisks, wooden spoons, flour sifts, cake testers, mushroom brushes, wire cooling racks and colanders.

The Stylist Alphabet will resume in 2016, but my shop will be open until later in December for all your Christmas shopping.

Yours in letters,


The Stylist Alphabet:
A is for…      B is for…
C is for…      D is for…
E is for…      F is for…
G is for…     H is for…
I is for…      J is for…
K is for…     L is for…
M is for…    N is for…
O is for…     P is for…
Q is for…     R is for…
S is for…      T is for…