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Deconstructing a Still Life

The Society inc | Deconstructing a Still Life

This still depicts my aversion to things being displayed flat on walls. Domes are a great solution- they come in lots of sizes, make it easy to change content & are a sculptural form in themselves. Glass has a beautiful refractive & reflective nature. It instantly adds focus to an object & often creates a new context for items within a still-life by framing them in new ways. It is intriguing & speaks preservation. Create small dioramas with your finds that are 3D & best viewed from all angles.

Glass structures & what to pair with them- showcase a few special  treasures  from your travels. Or fill them brim high with old world utilitarian objects to store on display. Our Tall, wide dome with base & Large apothecary jar are perfect vessels for storing bits n’bobs. Whilst our cowrie shells, zeolite stones, vintage lock & thin fair trade hemp twine are the right scale for featuring in them!

Shop the look here.

The Society inc | Deconstructing a Still Life


Colour Hunting: Objet Trouvé


Objet Trouvé  – noun
an ordinary object, found; a strand of sequins, a beaded flower, thread&buttons etc that is treated as an object of art by the one who finds it.

Origin: France, found object.

Objet Trouvé is one of my 10-colour-palettes found in Gypsy inspired by Transylvania; a region in Romania, a country of its own at another time in history, and an example of the fluid maps and ever changing boarders of the world.

My romantic vision of Transylvania is filled with gypsies in colourfully painted caravans, layered skirts, horse whispering and music. I visited at the beginning of spring with my great friend James Merell, when it was as if the whole world was about to bloom. The days were warm and cloudless, crisp in the morning and fresh. The landscape was a vision of soft, muted colours. I can only imagine how different my colour palette would have been if I had come just two weeks later.

Wooden limed houses with terracotta roofs are washed in a variety of pastels: azure blue, yellow Monday, sienna, tangerine, magenta, pinks, salmon, soft mustard, dirty green, mint, lichen, skye blue, grey, maroon and lilac.

This softness spoke throughout our travels and influenced this colourful & fresh palette. In Transylvania, the Objet Trouvé palette unknowingly surrounded me wherever I cast my eyes. Now you can take the beautiful hues of Transylvania and include them in your interior space. Bring the hues of the mountains & Transylvanian sunset into your space with a splash of faded & frayed or pre-loved and treasured. Need to add some colour to your plain white walls? Paint the skirting boards or front door with a subtle & soft threadbare.


The Alphabet Of Arcane Trades: N is for…

N is for…


Narrow Weaver
Ribbons were one of my first collections and I have never grown out of them. Although I do not sport them in my pigtails anymore, I use them for colour inspiration, making a package special, tying a placecard on a napkin, or have them simply because they’re beautiful. A narrow weaver was tasked with the creation of narrow cloth or goods, so in essence, ribbons were their life. Imagine a life filled with ribbons! You’d assume that these arcane traders would have dainty fingers and very sharp vision to insure that every stitch fell exactly where needed. And while you can imagine that it was very finicky work, the world of possibility wrapping in grosgrain, picot edge, jacquard and more, as well as the spectrum of colours is just the sort of creative pursuit that I could live happily with.

The Alphabet of Arcane Trades:
A is for…      B is for…
C is for…      D is for…
E is for…      F is for…
G is for…     H is for…
I is for…      J is for…
K is for…     L is for…
M is for…


Tips For Pocket-Money Styling

The Society Inc | Tips for Pockey-money Styling

A bit of loose change can bring so much to an interior. I love pieces with humble origins. Lots of things I use are easy to find and mostly practical. You don’t need a whopping cheque book or an educated eye for art & architecture to begin creating an interior style for your home. Keep your mind open to all the possibilities.

The Society Inc | Tips for Pockey-money Styling

Prints I love adorn this wall. Find your favourite image and have it printed larger at the local office supply shop for a few dollars to pin to the wall. Look for images in antique shops and market while you’re away and play with them when you return. No need to wait for framing.

The Society Inc | Tips for Pockey-money Styling

Chalkboards and chalkboard paint (which comes in many colours) splashed on a wall offer transient and thoughtful design opportunities. write your favourite quotes or just make a things-to-do list.

The Society Inc | Tips for Pockey-money Styling

Trade secret: I always have a stash of Blu-Tack (or other brand of adhesive putty) on styling jobs or when I’m doing some redecoration as it allows me to quickly stick things up – postcards, old theatre tickets, anything on paper – and remove them without a trace when the mood takes me.



The Henry Mercer Collection

The Society Inc | The Henry Mercer Collection

The Society Inc by Sibella Court is excited to introduce the Henry Mercer Collection. After years of scouring the globe collecting treasures and bits n’ bobs, Sibella has mustered an archive of objects and arcane trades as magical and inspiring as the faraway places they derive from. The newest Henry Mercer hardware collection invites you into the imaginarium that is Sibella Court’s world and allures you to bring a little piece of wonder into your own space.

Henry Mercer was an anthropologist and collector of pre-industrial hand tools. His 6 storey museum houses an index of historical research into materials & objects as interesting and diverse as the characters who no doubt made them.

The Society inc’s upcoming hardware collection, named after Dr. Henry Mercer, is a nod to the time honoured crafts, tools & objects that he sought to preserve.As history is undeniably embedded amongst the objects lining the shelves of Sibella’s archive. It was a natural instinct to use someone who possessed the same passion and undying curiosity for historical crafts, objects & tools as a centerpoint & muse for the collection. Watch this space for information on release dates coming soon.


The Stylist’s Guide to LA: The Rose Hotel

The Society inc | The Stylist's Guide to LA: The Rose Hotel
The Society inc | The Stylist's Guide to LA: The Rose Hotel


Owned by fashion photographer Glenn Luchford, famed for living with Kate Moss in the early days of CK fame. A stone’s throw from Venice Beach, more home apartment than hotel. The upstairs/downstairs Californian bungalow-style building painting in grey & white with simple signage & potted white roses, nothing too fancy but beautifully considered, understated & friendly.

Legend goes, it was built 108 years ago by visionaries, Abbot Kinney as a guest house, with Charlie Chaplain’s mother’s house 2 doors up & still standing strong. This street is seeped in local history with the original pier & bathhouse once located at the end of Rose Ave.

We stayed in a downstairs queen room with a share bathroom for great value, simply & stylishly addressed.

The Society inc | The Stylist's Guide to LA: The Rose Hotel
The Society inc | The Stylist's Guide to LA: The Rose Hotel

The second night we stayed upstairs in The Abbot Kinney with a wide front veranda that spies the beach, a perfect spot to spill out of your room for sunset cocktails. More an apartment with series of rooms (I could so easily move in here!) with a beautiful grey pebble fireplace, vintage finds & great curation of furniture; perfectly chosen mix of high & low design. The walls are lined with fabulous selection of framed art & B&W photography.

The Society inc | The Stylist's Guide to LA: The Rose Hotel

The cool front lobby is staffed with super-friendly girls & guys, more photo assistants than traditional hotel staff. A long communal found table with a morning offering of flakey croissants, homemade jams & coffee or just hang out/work or read the mags & newspaper, all the time pretending its your kitchen sunroom!

“We never set out to create the perfect hotel; our walls are thin, and the building is wonky…

But it’s not like any other hotel. And we like it just like it is.”