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Michele Quan

I had admired Michele Quan and her work from afar for some time. Her pieces were housed in some of my favourite New York stores, such as Love Adorned and The Future Perfect, so I was delighted to meet at her studio in Brooklyn. I always love going to the studios of artists. It givesContinue Reading

Feel Like a Superstar

I was lucky enough to work and travel extensively with Hugh Stewart for many years, and saw first hand what a beautiful and inspirational photographer he is. Hugh is one of the most incredible portrait photographers in the world, working on huge advertising campaigns as well as photographing Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Cash, Jude Law, Naomi WattsContinue Reading

Curators of Cool

I was invited to choose one object for Curators of Cool, but upon seeing the extent of the Natural History departments of Queensland Museum, I decided I would choose one idea that has long fascinated me. ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’ became particularly popular in the 1800s as seafaring types began traversing the globe & bringing back their unusualContinue Reading

The Blacksmith’s Forge

I am constantly searching for the expertise of trades sometimes forgotten or lost over time as handmade became machine made and mass produced. So I had no idea that when I met Saul of Coloforge, with a deep knowledge of techniques and skills of a day gone by, I had found what I was lookingContinue Reading


The beautiful packaging and branding alone was enough to get me to Bellocq, so when I tried the unique and evocative tea, I knew it would be the next destination to add to my updated Stylist Guide to New York (online soon). It is located in an industrial area and the front of the buildingContinue Reading

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