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5 most underrated pieces of stationery

There’s something about honest & humble items that captivate me. A mainstay of everyday life, stationery is one of those things that can be enjoyed simply for its utilitarian purpose, but I prefer to look a little deeper. I’ve listed the five pieces that are never far from my toolbag & tacklebox, not only because […]

Deconstructing a Still Life

This still-life showcases a loveĀ for linen and how texture can add depth to any vignette. Mixing material textures through a setting is a great way to add interest to a more neutral palette. These pieces were collected during a journey to a fortified church perched in the medieval village of Viscri in Transylvania. Our hand […]

My Italian Colour Palette

Tales Of A Sea Gypsy I am enchanted with all things sea: mermaids & mermen, underwater worlds & treasures, myths & legends, serpents & seafaring spirits. The romance & shimmering beauty of the Mediterranean on the Amalfi Coast in all its magic depths & moods: moon tides, tempests & starry nights. These beautiful tones sparkled […]

The Alphabet Of Arcane Trades: E is for…

E is for… Expressman I have mentioned my particular inclination towards paper and packages, so when I came across the profession of an expressman I felt a certain closeness to it. Perhaps I’m adding a little too much romance to this early postman or courier, but the image I’m conjuring has a certain ruggedness attached. […]

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