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The Alphabet Of Arcane Trades: C is for…

C is for… Cutler My curiosity for cutlery knows no bounds. You can gauge my trips by the variety and material of hand-carved spoons I have: made from wood, shell, mother of pearl, snails, bamboo and horn from various ports around the world. It’s no surprise that I would be drawn to the work of the […]

My Ideas On Lighting

I have mentioned my total dislike of downlights before, so I thought I’d share some alternatives that I often use in my spaces. I do not like to be in a spotlight, blinded by misdirected lighting. Everyone looks fabulous in soft ambient lighting, so why not make a prettier & happier world? I have picked […]

Bringing Home Mexican Style

Mexico is just bursting with inspiration for more than just your interiors. Here are some of the ways I translated the vibrant atmosphere of Mexico into my styling. Make things festive by simply tacking up Day of the Dead paper flags; use a giant yard game as sculpture (or to use) and pull your lime […]

The Alphabet Of Arcane Trades: B is for…

B is for… Bonesetter I love bones – not all bones, mind you. They have to be a certain shape, but I’m not usually fussy about which animal they are from: the fineness & fragility of seafaring birds’ bones found on the beach; the oversized thigh bone of a camel; or the dried-out vertebrae of […]

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