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Meet the Maker: Elise Cameron-Smith

Elise Cameron-Smith is a dreamer, and crafts whimsical wooden treasures to carry these dreams & stories into your homes. We were lucky to house her fleet of miniature ships at The Society Inc. warehouse earlier this year, and we always have some pretty copper foiled arrows on hand. Her little creations carry big ideas: newContinue Reading

Bringing Home Transylvanian Style

In Zalanpatak and throughout our Transylvanian travels, it was so springy underfoot – I knew the buds & new growth were just about to explode! Where we were staying, there was a royal botanical painter ready to lead a class in two weeks when the springtime bloom revealed itself. The patterns on this bed linenContinue Reading

The Stylist Alphabet: O is for…

O is for… Objet trouvé An ordinary object, found. A strand of sequins, a hand-stitched flower, threads & buttons. Things discovered with pleasure, in a long-abandoned attic or at the bottom of a beaded opera purse; faded & frayed, pre-loved & glorious. Origin: France, found object. Old-fashioned souvenirs I think the word ‘souvenir’ gets aContinue Reading

My Tips On Subtle Style

You don’t have to shout to make a style statement. Here are four ideas for soft flourishes that add interest in a humble way. Connect the dots A garland easily constructed using oversized plastic dots stapled together demonstrates the impact of transient, inexpensive decoration. New leaf A map/journal I found at a second-hand bookstore isContinue Reading

Meet the Maker: Shibori

Indigo has long been a colour & tradition close to my heart. I love its many forms in shibori dying, stitched-together boro fabrics & mud cloths from parts of Asia and Africa. But right in our very own neighbourhood are Karen & Pepa of Shibori, a boutique textile company in the heart of the InnerContinue Reading

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