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The Stylist’s Guide To Singapore

There’s a lot happening in Singapore – plenty to see and some fresh faces on the scene. Here are my eat, play, stay tips for this fun city. SINGAPORE | EAT POTATO HEAD FOLK An impressive four-storey colonial building wrapping around a corner of Chinatown, painted in distinctive red & white. A take out kitchen owns […]

Deconstructing a Still Life

This still-life is a nod to the mysteries & fascinations of sea craft, pirates and buccaneers, and the sense of adventure that they bring. The word ‘Buccaneer’ originates from the Caribbean Arawak word Buccan, a wooden frame for smoking meat.  The French term ‘boucanier’ soon followed- referring to the French hunters who used such frames to […]

The Alphabet of Arcane Trades: H is for…

H is for… Surely it is no surprise to discover that H in this fine alphabet would stand for haberdasher. I initially set up The Society Inc. as a haberdashery meets hardware store, and it still has this undercurrent, though now it draws many more inspirations into its gravitational pull. My fascination with the small […]

An Ode To The Chair

So much of my style combines form & function, and I often write about the importance of looking beyond a piece’s intended use and thinking of it as a piece in your space’s story. Chairs are one of those pieces that can blur the line between sculpture and practicality. Here are some of my favourites: […]

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