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Established in 1853 by the Warwick family, Holowiliena is the only remaining pastoral property in Australia still owned by the original family. It would take me a full days travel to arrive a Holowiliena station – a flight to Adelaide, a small aircraft to Port Alfred then a 3-4 hour drive into the Flinders Ranges.Continue Reading

The Stylist Alphabet: M is for…

Measure [tools & apparatus] Fabric tape measures, wooden squares with etched numbers, enamel liquid measures, cone-shaped footed etched glass, old shop 1-metre sticks with a hole in the top for hanging, metal measuring sticks attached to the long tables at the draper’s or even just a good old-fashioned wooden ruler. I think these things areContinue Reading

My Ideas On Furniture

Height Rethink the height of your furniture and create a whole new perspective for your room. This Bedouin-inspired living area, with its rich layers of rugs and throws, low-slung tables, daybed and floor cushions, instantly evokes an exotic and hedonistic ambience. Versatility Not everything in your home needs to fulfil its intended use. Chairs canContinue Reading

Bringing Home Japanese Style Part II

I thought these lights were Chinese, having admired them many times at the store Shanghai Tang. However, after witnessing them at the theatrical dawn fire ceremony in Mount Koya, I decided to include them. Considering the influences Chinese Buddhism in Japan during the seventh century, it’s no wonder they appear in both countries. I loveContinue Reading


Keera Vale was built in 1843 from old convict bricks, making it one of the oldest properties in the Wollongong area. Originally built for a judge, it’s original grandeur has been crumbling until it fell into the hands of the passionate and dynamic Jen & Harold who wish to restore this ‘house on the hill’Continue Reading

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