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Deconstructing a Still Life

Styling With Your Treasured Mementos

For me, a home is like a museum without the signs saying ‘Please Don’t Touch’. Think of all the stuff you own that has emotional or historical significance or comes with a memory or tale of where, when and who. It’s just a matter of finding ways to incorporate these things into your surroundings as […]

The Alphabet Of Arcane Trades: K is for…

K is for… Knoller A knoller is also known as a bell toller, and I feel a connection to this, partly because I’m often called “Belle” by my friends and family, but also because I love the chime of a bell carrying through a public space. The solemn notions that accompany lonely bell-tollers add a […]

My Tips On Adding Texture

When you’re hoping to soften hard details and make an interior scheme feel extra inviting, adding texture via layering is so important. Here are some of my tips to layer your look: A string runner, made using extra-thick knitting needles to make it extra hole-y, has an intense and raw beauty to it that works […]

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