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The Alphabet Of Materials: F is for…

F is for… Felt Like many things that have roots in ancient time, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where or how felt came about. Whether it’s the age-old debate of what came first, spaghetti or noodles, or many of the other materials in this alphabet, felt has a history that could have begun in moreContinue Reading

My Take On Indoor Plants

It’s hard to miss the latest trend towards indoor plants. And while I’m not so much about trends, I am definitely all for adding natural elements to a space. Here are some ideas for a new spin on the look. Bring your secateurs… When the green hills and misty forests I’ve visited in my travelsContinue Reading

The Alphabet Of Materials: E is for…

E is for… Enamel It all started with a problem. People wanted to stop that metallic taste or rust getting into the food they prepared with heavy cast iron pots, and happily the practice of enamelling these utensils sprang forward as a solution. Well, this is actually the story of enamel cookware, or enamelware, asContinue Reading

My Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

You can almost feel the summer breeze in the air. It’s as if the winds are drawing the warm weather closer and the days are turning on a little more sparkle in anticipation. I think it’s time to dust off the trestle tables and directors chairs and think about those long lazy lunches outdoors. HereContinue Reading

The Alphabet Of Materials: D is for…

D is for… Damask I think it was a combination of nature and nurture that saw my love affair with textiles take shape. If you follow my posts, you’ll know that my mother, Dee, was an expert in Islamic textiles, and this is just one branch of a wise old tree that could represent myContinue Reading

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