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Finding Beauty In Everything

A girlfriend of mine once asked where I hide all my ugly stuff. I believe that nothing has to be ugly. I’ll keep an eye out for something old, well-made and so considered in its design and material over the quick buy. This applies to hole punches, receipt pins, string holders, tape dispensers and theContinue Reading

The Alphabet Of Arcane Trades: V is for…

V is for… Venator Ah the thrill of the hunt. While today there is no need for hunting, in days gone by this trader had his place. Perhaps it might be the need for furry pelts and hides to keep the winter chills at bay, or the king’s cook requesting an array of pheasants toContinue Reading

A New Look At The Souvenir

My Instagram feed is awash with images of friends on holidays! The azure waters of the Greek Islands & the long days of an Italian summer not only make my feet itch slightly, but spark my souvenir-hunting sense. I think the word ‘souvenir’ gets a really bad rap. Yes, I am a collector of curiositiesContinue Reading

The Alphabet Of Arcane Trades: U is for…

U is for… Upholder Working in this industry for many years, I can’t miss the chance to pay respect to early interior designers. Upholders were early upholsterers or furniture repairers, but it’s thought that they were the precursors to decorators. It makes sense that the person you tasked with fixing or restuffing your chaise longueContinue Reading

How To Use Metallics

Everyone needs a little sparkle, a glimmer of a twinkle in their life and your interiors are no different. Metallic tones appear in just about every one of my 10-colour palettes and styling themes. My Tradewinds colour palette invited the lustrous tails of mermaids and mythical serpents, and the glistening scales of fish. The subtle sparkle ofContinue Reading

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