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Changing Your Front Door Colour

Perhaps it’s because I can feel the early days of spring nipping at my heels – only via my calendar, as the weather is still very chilly – but I’m matching my excitement at seasonal change with a hunger for a freshen up. Let’s start at the front door – so much potential that canContinue Reading

Deconstructing a Still Life

The cascading shells falling down this chandelier add a 3-D element to an otherwise blank wall. The lighting feature draws you in & invites you to sit down. Light can be a powerful transformer of space. Shadow play & scaling are lovely elements to play with when considering your lighting selections. This still life bringsContinue Reading

The Alphabet Of Materials: A is for…

I’m a visual person. But let’s also add texturally interested, historically inquisitive and originality seeking (among others) to my personality descriptors. All these qualities, combined with my work, whether it’s creating a new space or refining the design of a product, sees many materials cross my path, or mine theirs. And in the spectrum ofContinue Reading

4 International Museums I Get Lost In

I encourage you to seek out any small museums in your local area while you’re on holidays or trips. They’re often hidden, sometimes tiny and occasionally in private houses, often bypassed by locals. Put on your super-sleuth hat and look for obscure signs (which may be handwritten). Here are four of my favourite international museumsContinue Reading

The Alphabet Of Arcane Trades: Z is for…

Z is for… Zoographer Combine my fascination with nature and my love of field guides, notebooks and small paper tags and the zoographer represents a dream job of the past for me. Tasked with studying animals and their habitats, the zoographer feels like a good fit if I were born in an earlier time. EvenContinue Reading

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